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I Just Don't Have Time

A few ground rules for dating an aspiring writer, professional writer, and or professional animation artist.

It isn't you, it's me and really it's me. I am so busy I hardly have time to think and honestly don't have time for extra drama. . .oh yeah, this is for my friends as well as potential more than friend types.

1) Just because I never call you back or I text you a week later, does not mean I’m not interested, or care about you, our friendship or more. Really, I'm not that deep. I don’t have time to even consider what kind of signal I’m sending or how you might interpret it. I'm just not sending it because I. Did. Not. Have. Time.

I have this problem all the time and I don't have the time to worry about the game of it all. Guys, I do what I do and I don't worry even for a second about the signal I am sending you, sorry but it is true. Friends, relax, you're my friend, I do care, I am just slammed.

2) I don't have time to hang out, so I will send you short text messages and emails that sometimes repeat or make no sense.

I am so busy and know that I won't see you, so I send emails and text messages instead of going out, and maybe that is cold, or whatever, but it is what it is. Guys, it also isn't any kind of sign that I want some huge relationship, so give me a break, because this is me trying. Friends, this is all I can do right now.

3) Speaking of hanging out…when I have a window of opportunity, you need to drop everything. That window might close in 5 minutes and it might not come again until after I finish this script, pilot, novel, animated short, commercial or whatever else.

This does not mean that I am being cold, or don't care about you, it means exactly what it says, this is the window I have. This is for both friends and guys, because I am too busy and can't make plans, so when I am free that is when I can do something and more often than not, it is last minute.

4) If you get a real live phone call consider yourself lucky, it’s the equivalent to spending a day together.

I can't talk on the phone and type, or draw, so when I am swamped with work, please don't expect me to spend hours on the phone with you, because I won't. It's not personal.

5) (This one is for guys) Essentially we’re down to text messages and a booty call.

Because I don't have time for games and courting rituals. I'm not a slut, or a man hater, and am not trying to prove anything to you or your gender.

6) (Also for guys) If I do see you, even if only for an hour, that means I like you. I really don't want to have to worry about compliments, stroking your ego or anything and I don't have energy to compete. I showed up, that says a lot.

This one is self explanatory.

This is my life right now, until the TV show sells, or the screenplay sells, or I am working on staff somewhere.

A few other things are that: I can't make plans in advance more than a day, and even when I do, I may have to break them. If I say I can't do something with you and then a couple hours later change that~it is because I all of a sudden can do something that I wasn't able to earlier.

You can not get upset with me for putting work in front of you when I don't have a 9 to 5 job and don't know when or where, or for how long I will be working~sometimes the hours are round the clock.

This is my life right now, and that said, if you are in my life I do care about you in some way, and I do enjoy your text messages, facebook posts, emails and even voice mails, but when I don't respond right away, just know that it meant something to me that you didn't forget I exist.



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