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Do Away With Q & A!

Q & A steps at every industry event from people that shouldn't be allowed to speak; 1) Ass kissing, 2) Bragging about one's own accomplishments no matter how small, 3) Trying to be funny, witty, or smart, unsuccessfully, & 4) Asking some lame question just to hear yourself speak, kiss more ass, brag more, or give your opinion.

I'm Turning 31-AGAIN

I read a book last year entitled: When You Lie About Your Age, The Terrorists Win by Carol Leifer and laughed and laughed. I was thinking of course that since I am not acting anymore that no one would care how old I am? NOT! Doh! I am in Hollywood-living-breathing-working in "thee" industry that is obsessed with age, beauty, money, and all things non-important.
This Friday I was throwing my "31st" birthday celebration on the "strong" suggestion of my sort of agent (that is a-whole-nother story). Thankfully due to things being crazy and out of my control, I am not going to have that party where I turn 31-again.
It is a funny town, Los Angeles-Hollywood, when it comes to age. They want writers with "life experience" but not over 30. I see it all the time. Must have 10+ years experience as a writer's assistant, script coordinator, etc...and then they want you to be under 30? Hello? Executives, this is basic math here.
I actually find it funny, bec…