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Facebook and Twitter Behavior

So today Nathan Bransford posted a great blog on social media blunders and I had to add to it. Here is the link though. Read it-it's great.
Besides the 5 mentioned here, I have a few that I would love to add.

6. Posting a link to everything you just read. Joe Facebook guy just read an article-then I have to go and add an app to see that article-that's a pain in the arse. If the article was that good-just share it on your page.

7. Becoming a news anchor. Posting every big news event that is on the news. Look if its on the news, we've probably already seen in. But okay to be fair, I hate the news so I do get a lot of my news from people posting links, but still would you walk into your work office and say, "a girl off the coast of CA was bit by...." whatever it is? No most likely you wouldn't.

8. Posting photos of abused animals! STOP this. It's really awful and I don't want to see it.

9. Posting about pet…

There is Always A Silver Lining

My super obnoxious pot head neighbors are doing their nightly (yes every single night) party on their patio (which is about 10 feet from my window), and their white trash friends are screaming and yelling as per normal behavior-but no one would ever break into any apts on this corner as they are always out there-I guess that's the silver lining.

I don't understand people who act like this though. Seriously? You live in an apartment!!! Stop yelling and screaming every night!

New York New York!!

Every year in April I start my, "I have to get out of this city" thing-because I can not stand hot weather and really want to go back to NYC more than anything.

Thanks to the rents in Los Angeles sky rocketing, looks like I will be able to do that soon. I figure if I can afford what I am paying here and it's close to what rent is there-why not? Oh yeah, animation is here.
That said, I have been looking and finding amazing apartments for around what I am paying here!!! My lease isn't up for a few months, but I am looking. Making a plan. Get my arse back to NY where I belong!!
Okay, unless an amazing job comes up here!!