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Happy New Year!

A lot  has happened this year.
The first big event, I was finally released from an abusive illustration job that I took in 2012 because I needed the money and my father had just died-I wasn't thinking straight clearly. I was verbally abused daily at this place and by the owner, well he may have done it weekly if he was out of town, but it was bad. I was constantly being threatened, told I have no talent, told I couldn't do the job that I was excelling at, and everyone there could see it except for him, Anyhow, finally on May 13, 2013 he made up an excuse and let me go-released me from the hell I was living and then my life began again! I was sooo happy to be out of that situation.
I loved the job just not him who I will not name. LOL.. I met so many great people there and made many close friends.
I also met my boyfriend who I now live with. It's exciting. I know I am old to have never lived with someone, but I never have until now and it's great. I love him so much and…

Wolf! (Of Wall Street That Is)

So on Christmas my boyfriend and I went to see the Wolf of Wall Street with a huge crowd of people in Hollywood. This morning, the above article was sent to me and I was deleted from someone because she was ashamed of me for liking the film. UGH

Saying that I am supporting this kind of behavior. SIGH.. what is wrong with people. She also sent me a nasty message saying that she refuses to go see the film. I felt like I was being attacked for what? Liking Leo and Marty and their awesome film?

The film does NOT glorify Jordan Belfort's lifestyle, in fact it is so raw and real that you cringe at many of the scenes. It's awful-which means it's a great film. It shows the audience, just like Goodfellas did with Henry Hill that being this type of a human being is disgusting.

So attack someone on FB for liking a really well done film? SIGH SIGH SIGH. People are idiots these days.

The film is good. Martin S…

All Diamonds Are Blood Diamonds

I hate to be political on here, BUT all these, "every kiss begins with Kay" and "he went to Jared" commercials make me sick. Honestly women-really? is it worth it to have that over priced rock on your finger, neck or other? SIGH ALL DIAMONDS ARE BLOOD DIAMONDS
I F*cking hate diamonds! (And yes I volunteered with Amnesty for a couple years for this cause) sad, it still hasn't changed much.
Why must people buy these? All those people in Africa dying because you have to wear a diamond? UGH I don't understand why a rock is worth more than human life? It sickens me.