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Isn't that Westie Cute?

AW isn't he cute? Beware, behind that adorable face is a monster! Okay not really, but the Westie is a big dog in a little dog's body and they are very smart-and demanding-and get into trouble. I had my Westie-Finnegan-the best dog in the world-I know everyone says that, but I speak the truth-for almost 14 years and I miss him so much it hurts. Lemme tell you this, while he was a GREAT little dog, BUT he had his own mind. He often did the following:1.Kick me and let out loud sighs when I was on the phone (especially when he was little) 2.Changed the games at his pace and rules-like we would play toss the ball or toy and he would go along and then get bored and make up his own version-which I usually let him get away with after tricking him into thinking it was MY idea-no need to fuel that Westie confidence 3.Steal my pillows or place I was sitting and pretend to be asleep 4.Not come when called 5.Chewed everything until I told him, "not for Finn, or not for Westies" 6. Tu…

R.I.P. Finnegan 3/30/98-1/18/2012

On Wed I lost my Westie Finnegan to Westie Lung Disease. I had no idea he was so sick. He went from just having a slight cough to panicked breathing attacks and he was suffering. On Dec 12th, I took him to my vet for his 6 month senior wellness exam and mentioned that he had a little cough that had started that week. She took X-rays and did all the blood work. Everything came back good, even the X-rays, so we got antibiotics and cough syrup-which he hated. 10 days went by and he was still coughing, he got stronger ones and this is when I asked her "Do I need to be worried about this?" She replied with a firm, "No he's fine, it's just a cough."
He had NO other symptoms. The cough seemed to get better and worse, then the hard breathing started. I had to bring him in seems like every other day the first week of Jan and thousands of dollars of testing revealed that it was allergies. On the 12th he was put on steroids, and he felt back to normal for 3-4 days and …

Sitting in Traffic? It Could Be Worse

In Los Angeles dealing with heavy traffic jams is a part of living; you either have to accept it, or be miserable. All the shortcuts on the planet wont help you avoid the inevitable-being stuck in traffic. Okay if you work 1 mile from your house and you never go out, then yeah you can avoid it, otherwise welcome to Los Angeles-deal with it.I know more shortcuts than anyone I know, and people call and or email me all the time to find out how to save time or get around a wreck, so trust me, I'm an expert. I have lived all over Los Angeles from Valencia/Santa Clarita to the South Bay/Hermosa Beach. I have lived in Burbank and Glendale. I have lived in Sherman Oaks, and Studio City. I lived in Westwood, West Los Angeles, Brentwood, Santa Monica and Beverly Hills. I have lived in Playa Del Rey, Marina Del Rey, Manhattan and Hermosa Beach. I know this city. I constantly am going to Beverly Hills, or the WGA, or any decent agent in the city is in L.A. off Wilshire. I go to all the studio…

Happy Friday the 13th!

Happy Friday the 13th everyone. I usually have quite good luck on this day.
Lemme tell you, this year has sucked so far. I found out my job is going on an undetermined break that I was NOT aware of-if I had been I would have saved more from the last two months instead of paying last year's taxes off and I would have been looking for work as well. My dog got a cough in December and thousand's of dollars and tests and him suffering for almost a month we find out it's just allergies-that was yesterday, so the month is looking up, but still what a crappy arse first two weeks.
I am seriously always the type to look at the good and the good thing about a few crappy weeks is that it has to go up. Right? Right. When things are bad, that's the silver lining if you choose to see it. They will get better so you have something to look forward to.
So here is to hoping my job gets extended, or I get another one and wouldn't it be great if I found out today? Yes it would.
The chick…

Stop Name Dropping-It's Pathetic

You know those people who are always bragging about who they have seen or talked to in the "industry"? You know the ones who go to a panel and all of a sudden they spent the night with Brad Pitt? I mean, seriously you want I want to say to these people?
Dear Name Dropping Poser,
You can't swing a cat in this town-and by this town I mean Los Angeles/Hollywood-center of the universe, (in most our minds), entertainment capitol of the world-without hitting a celebrity or two or more. They are everywhere, you know why? Because they work and live here. Stop your bullshit name dropping. It really makes you look stupid. We are all sick of your complete and utter bullshit. If you pay to go to a panel and then you brag about how you met a star, really? It's just sad. If you go out to eat and happen to be seated next to someone who stars in a TV show, can you really say you had dinner with them? Um, no!I'm not talking about joking around, like if you watch three Tom Cruise …

Living Like Jack Dawson Making It Count

Last week was an awful week for me and I let worry, fear, and dread get to me and it was not pleasant. So this is a brand new week and in a new week I am going to do my best to change my attitude and start living life like Jack Dawson-hopefully with a better ending.
If you wonder what I mean by that, I mean that I will still work hard and do everything in my power to change my life/financial/job situation, but I will adapt his atitude of enjoying every day and taking life as it comes and not freaking out every time things don't go as planned.
In the last 6 years I have been in this situation where a job ends earlier than I thought, or something falls through and it always works out, yet every time it happens fear creeps his ugly head in and starts freaking me out. I am done being afraid. I can't take much more of this, so besides working hard and changing my strategy, I am going to change my attitude and enjoy things more.
This summer I was in Seattle and one week in August I lo…

Mark Margolis for President-Nah That's Just Ron Paul

Is it just me or have we found the actor to play Ron Paul in the film version of how America screwed up the world?
Every time I see Ron Paul I think of the film Dinner Rush-that can't be a good sign.

Mark Margolis is one of my all time favorites, but he rarely plays a likable fellow.
Just sayin'

Changing My Attitude

'If you don't like something, change it. If you can't change it, change your attitude. Don't complain.' — Maya Angelou.
So here I am in Los Angeles and I HATE the weather. I know most of the people in the world would switch places with me in a New York minute-anyone? Really? Have a flat in New York and hate the weather?-But I do not enjoy hot weather.
True most of Los Angeles, especially the west side-Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, Pacific Palisades, Manhattan Beach, West Hollywood, etc...has great weather-it usually doesn't go over 80 and doesn't drop below 50-40 overnight in the winter.
I don't live in that area. The part that I live in has Arizona-esque weather and it sucks and usually I piss and moan from mid January until December about how evil it is.
*If I could afford to live in Santa Monica, or Malibu, or somewhere "over the hill"-as well say in the Valley-I would.
This all said, I was in Seattle this summer and one of my FB friends compla…

Tassimo Tuesday!

Happy Tassimo Tuesday! I call it this because I am the proud new mama to a new Tassimo-well I know she is coming soon-due next week sometime. I am very excited. I will be getting all my coffee, cappucino and tea mugs ready for her arrival. I think I am going to name her Emmy-she is sweet, kind and makes great coffee. Please feel free to send gifts!

Not Resolutions-Goals

I don't usually do resolutions, but rather goals! My goals for 2012 are:
1. Never allowing myself to make someone a priority when they make me an option. 2. Not allowing other people's negativity get to me. 3. Not getting into any political or religious conversations on FB. 4. To stay positive even when things are hard. 5. To work on myself and finally let go of all the grief I have been lugging around with me for years. 6. To continue to pursue my dreams. 7. To get out more and hang out with friends more often. 8. To take days off and relax. 9. To go to more writing events and take more writing classes. 10. To surround myself with positive, happy, supportive people.
Cheers to 2012 being a great year!!

Happy Monday

Happy first Monday of the new year!I know I was ranting yesterday, but it's just so hard to watch people starve themselves and brag about it on FB! In any case, I have decided to keep my opinions here unless it's about something silly like loving a TV show or it's nice and cold outside, because I believe that even though people post all the time on FB they only do it so others will tell them how great they are. They don't want to hear that they are killing themselves, or that they have the facts completely wrong or even that someone disagrees with them. I mean I started this opinion blog for that reason, but I think I fell into the FB trap. My new year's resolution is to keep my opinion to myself unless on my blog. I hope everyone is having a great day so far and happy new year on day 2!

Happy New Year-Let The Idiocy Begin

Okay, I am not one for "resolutions" per say, but if you have to do them-it's so trendy to do so-then at least use your brain. Which leads right into my point and why I am writing this blog today. Happy New Year by the way-

Why is it that every new year women all over the world decide it's okay to starve themselves? Really ladies? You want to be treated like an equal and then you act like an idiot-yes an idiot-I said it and I'll say it again. If you are starving yourself you are being an idiot.
I don't mean those of you that have an actual eating disorder-and if you do-please get some help-as a past eating disorder person-I know how hard it can be, but you must get help.

I mean those women who insist on doing starvation cleanses and think that it's okay.
These cleanses are VERY VERY VERY DANGEROUS-do I need to say it louder? They are dangerous! Don't be stupid. How can a drink consisting of lemon and maple syrup be healthy?
Use your brain.
These women sa…