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Americano? YUM

So I ran out of coffee about three days ago and have been so busy with this latest project that I haven't had time to leave the house and get more, I have been living on Yerba mate, but it's not the same.

I was scrounging in my apt and found a last Tassimo espresso disk, but I have no milk disks left for lattes or cappuccinos. What is a girl in need of a fix to do? Remembering that in places like Italy they think we are insane over here with "coffee"-they don't seem to understand it's a different bean-I remembered the "Americano" and thought to myself if I just filled the cup with hot water, I would have sort of a coffee.
Oh before I go on, I have to tall you, I was out of milk, so I only have non dairy dry creamer, which does NOT work in espresso, only coffee.
I did it!! And it was soooo YUMMY. I am excited that A) I got the coffee I needed and B) now I have a new drink.

"Who Would You Have Dinner With?"

In college and even some job applications that age old essay question always pops up: "Who would you have dinner with, dead or alive, if given the chance?"

In 10th grade, I answered Madonna because I thought she was strong, ambitious, smart and could do whatever she wanted. I admired her so much, and wanted to be like her in many ways-not a pop start-but I wanted to be like her spirit. I was living alone at the time (long story), and had really no one in my life to look up to and she was a role model to me.

In 12th grade we were asked the same question and again, I answered, Madonna for the same reasons. Although at this point I had moved in with my mother and my step-father, who hated me in high school. I was really close to my step-brother John, but still felt isolated and alone and Madonna symbolized someone who made it on her own, even though things were hard.

Throughout the years I have had many idols and of course that question has been asked of me in interviews and su…

Allowing People To Act A Certain Way

Nobody can do anything to you that you don’t allow it. People treat you the way you treat yourself.

I allowed a friend to treat me terribly for about 4 years, everyone around kept asking why I was still friends with her. I mean EVERYONE, even the mailman and other people in the neighborhood were asking me, but I kept giving her chance after chance and thinking she would change.

She wasn't abusive or anything like that, but she brought being selfish to new heights and I am a little sad the friendship is now over-my father dying inconvenienced her and so I was done, I just couldn't take it anymore-because she isn't a bad person, just a selfish one.

I don't believe she did anything to me out of malice, but rather just didn't care-at all. She would constantly make me an option while I made her a priority, she talked behind my back to get attention from her friends-yes drama queen. She was just a child-really immature and she pouted about everything.

That said, I allowe…

A Cold Day Where I Come From

Wouldn't it be fun to put on a scarf, hat, gloves and jacket on days like today when we are in the triple digits and mess with people? I can see it now. Walking down the street and saying ridiculous things like, "This is a cold day in Phoenix, when it drops below 110 we get out the winter gear." just to see the look on people's faces.
If I didn't get bloody noses, headaches, sick to my stomach and general passing out on days like today, I would do just that.
Ever notice in the winter, when it's 40 degrees and pissing down rain, some eegit from Chicago, or somewhere like that, always is wearing shorts and claiming "this is a hot day where I come from." News flash, 40 degrees is cold everywhere jerk.

Just sayin'

Fake Meat? I Don't Get It!

I don't really understand fake meat, fake cheese, gluten free bread etc.-if you don't want to eat that stuff-don't, it's really simple-but swapping natural things for processed because it's "something free" doesn't make a whole lot of sense now doe it?

You hear people all the time saying things like, "I have been vegan and healthy my whole life, I have no idea how I got cancer, I mean, all I eat is fake meat, fake cheese, and low fat processed shit all the time." I mean, honestly, it's like the whole world has gone crazy.

When I am vegetarian, I don't eat meat-PERIOD-I don't have fake meat, I don't eat meat. I eat veggies, it's that simple.

I don't understand this obsession with low fat everything either, I mean, how does it become low fat? PROCESSING. How can that possibly be good for you? Soy milk? How is soy a milk? PROCESSING. Use your brain a little bit. Is it worth it to save 30-60 calories? Another way you coul…