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Why Does FB Create Road Rage Behavior?

For the most part I love FB, I love how it has kept so many of us in touch, but just like any place in life-some people ruin it for others. This week I have been slammed for being super entitled and rich-HA!!! That was the biggest laugh I got-the truth is so completely the 100% opposite-then I was slammed for writing comedy because it means I don't care about the world and then I was just bitched out for being a writer and posting about it IE: "I'm working on the show today" etc. Type posts.

Honestly folks-really? Why does FB create a sort of road rage?

I don't understand this childish behavior. I really don't. People get on FB and rant all day long about politics, or whatever then they get upset at anyone who even remotely challenges their beliefs. It doesn't make sense to me. Why not start a blog?

I'm just sayin'

Crazy Christians

Why is it that ONLY Christians continually post about Jesus on social networks? But Jewish people, Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus, Scientologists, Mormons, & Catholics never do anything like this?

How about every time you post some shit about Jesus I'll post a quote from L. Ron Hubbard?

I mean honestly. Other followers of Christ don't act like this either. I don't understand you people.

And what's with all the judgement? Okay I digress.

Just sayin' folks, it's getting beyond old. You have missed the point of the bible completely. Don't be so pushy and obnoxious if you want people to join your crazy cult-er religion.

Would you walk into work quoting or misrepresenting Jesus? No

Just sayin' Enough already

My Review of Ghost Protocol

Sometimes I have to repeat from one of my other blogs-this is one of those times! My review of Tom Cruise and Brad Bird's new flick!

Yeah, Oh Nom Nom Nom

What is with the new craze of saying "Oh nom nom nom" when you are out eating food?? It is gross and disgusting and no one wants to hear you smacking your food, EVER! Not online nor in real life. I understand saying MMMMMMMMMMMM but not "nom nom nom". Just because it's trendy doesn't make it right. It's really gross and if you continue to use it on FB, I will promise to never go out in real life for fear that I will actually hear your "Nom nom nom."

Yeah-why do educated people always use this wrong? Yeah is yeah, like okay, yes, etc. Not YAY!!

And lastly why do people say Nom Nom Nom????? I know I already mentioned it, but YUCK!

Red Flag WARNING!!

Seems like I tend to gather the same type of people into my life and then I am surprised when it all goes to shit. I need to remind myself of the HUGE RED FLAG WARNINGS because they are always there.

1) "I love you" -when someone says this with in a month of knowing you-that's a huge red flag-get away and get away quick.

2) I am only telling you this-implying that you are special manipulating you into their weird shit that will eventually turn into backstabbing rage.

3) I cut people off all the time-this bragging right means they will do it to you

4) When they call you and bitch about everyone in their life and then you see them posting about how great things are with said person-they are two faced and they will be to you as well

5) Being high drama-everything is about them all the time

6) Accusing everyone around them of abuse

7) Getting hurt at every tiny thing you do

8) Expecting you to drop everything for them

Basically I tend to be a magnet for these kind of high drama peopl…


Things have really gone down hill at Apple since Steve Jobs passed away.

Last week I tried to download an App for my iPad-a magazine app-it doesn't work, something is wrong with the app-no biggie, except Apple/iTunes charged me for it anyhow.

I called them today to get a refund. THEY DON'T GIVE REFUNDS. I was told, by customer service, the only way to get a refund is to call my credit card and LIE and say it was stolen. She also said I could make a complaint to iTunes, but they won't do anything about it. iTunes doesn't "do" customer service.

REALLY PATHETIC APPLE. Talk about a sad Mac.....