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More Fun Ways To Keep Your Tree Up!

I love having a tree up!!

So we still wanted the tree up and couldn't think of what to do for Feb. Valentine's Day is a kinda yucky-even for the most romantic types and president's day? Really? A tree full of presidents? Then came Feb 2nd and it came to me!


This is an official Phil right from PA. He looks cute, doesn't he? Early spring so we made sure there was no shadow!
The roommate turned 30 in Jan, so that was an easy one!
A birthday tree!~ I actually really love this idea as well. The tree looked awesome and festive!
Oh yeah and just Christmas-sorry didn't get a good photo of this but everyone knows what a Christmas tree looks like. This year we went simple with just white and silver balls and white lights. The tree had class and elegance!
St Patrick's Day is soon, and I will be posting photos!!