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My Sports Alliances May Seen Strange. . .

But they aren't. Okay here goes, lemme see if I can explain this.

First of all, I generally hate basketball, but if I had to choose a team I would go with the Knicks because MSG is AWESOME, and any team playing the Lakers. I know I am living in L.A. but growing on on the east coast we were sort of trained from birth to hate them. I can't really love the Celtics because Larry Bird was on for so long and just too ugly to look at.
I had friends from college play on for the Spurs and the Suns, so I'll cheer them on, and who doesn't like the Bulls?

When March madness rolls around. I have to cheer on my old alma mater -the AZ Wildcats! Bear down Arizona and any team playing ASU.

Now for football. I have to be honest and say that I was never a huge Jets or Giants fan. I have always HATED DallASS and I think that is because I grew up watching the Pittsburgh Steelers and fell in love with them when they were badass.

I have always loved them, but am not from Pittsburgh or anything. …

Things I Hate: Part Five

People that drive 10 or more miles UNDER the speed limit on Mulholland-if you're afraid get off the road.

People who constantly put political stuff on FB-enough already

People who constantly put religious crap on FB-not everyone has your crazy belief system


Smelly Oatmeal

& Sarah Palin

Things I Hate: Part Four

People who drive even when they clearly have more important things to do like texting

People who take things too seriously-especially on FB, Twitter or any other social network

People who lie about stupid shit

Getting gum stuck on my shoe


Sarah Palin

Things I Hate: Part Two

When people that know I really hate hot weather continually suggest I move to places like Miami or Hawaii.

When people think that just because they like something that I should as well.

People that are always late.

That people generally don't listen.

When I tell people I like to eat healthy and am vegetarian and they want me to eat at a diner.

When people sing out loud in the movie theater-during the movie.

Smelly farts.


Sarah Palin

Things I Hate: Part One

When people leave food in the sink for days! ~ It's disgusting!

When people can't help out cleaning their own stuff and then I am expected to do it in the middle of my work day.

When people say I don't have a real job because I am an artist.

When friends say they want to hang out with you, then drop you for their work colleagues at a bar.

Smelly farts


Sarah Palin

You Never Know What The Day Will Bring

Today I woke up on a chilly Monday morning happy to be alive, healthy and ready to work on my new novel.

I had nothing else planned for the day except dropping off some work I had done over the weekend at the studio I am currently freelancing for-hoping for more work from them later this week- and that was it.

Little did I know when I logged into Facebook around lunchtime one of my favorite persons/people/friends would be in town and having lunch right down the street. I texted her and ended up having an impromptu/surprise visit with her! How awesome is that? I had no idea I was going to see her today, but I did.

Then later while walking home from the studio I ran into another friend who offered me a pumpkin cupcake and an afternoon chat :0)

What a great day!

I also got paid to write two articles-it isn't much, but it is always nice to get paid to write and I had no idea that was going to happen.

I haven't gotten much actual writing in for the novel-but I have worked out the rest of…

Bros Over Hoes Doesn't Mean Ditch Your Girlfriends Every Time a Guy Calls

Seriously girls! Why must you act like this? I don't understand it. I really don't. It is all fine and well to be "in love", but to ditch your friends every time he calls is just plain wrong, on many levels and let me explain why.

1) You are sending him the message that you are needy

2) You are sending your friends the message that you don't care about them or your friendship

3) It is pathetic on so many levels

4) It is bad etiquette all around to blow someone off for any reason, much less a guy

I have a friend who has done this to me now 3 times. The first time I let it go. The second time I brought up the first time and she "giggled" yes I said, giggled and replied "well I would understand if you did it to me." When I told he that I wouldn't do that, she defended herself by saying "last time she checked she was a girl."

I thought I made it perfectly clear that it wasn't acceptable, and yet she did it again.

It was bad enough that …

Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows-Let's Talk

So you've read the books and you've seen the latest film - part one anyhow. What did you think?

I want to start a discussion about it. I am curious what everyone thinks?

I still believe that the films are just like Cliff's Notes for the books, and I liked what this director did, but it would have been really hard to follow for people who hadn't read the books.

Don't think there is anyone like that out there? There is.

I think Yates has done a really good job in directing the 5th-7th, as these were clearly the hardest ones to work with in that they were extremely long books and grew more and more complicated as they went on.

I happen to like all the films, but LOVE the books and believe that everyone should read them. The UK versions are better-and yes they did change things in the American versions-UGH...Go get them, read them!
(Cover of the UK version

(Cover of the UK version)

For those of you that have read them all and saw the Deathly Hallows Part One.. what did you thi…

Seattle Doesn’t Get That Much Rain

I pulled this from an article I just read.

I found out that Seattle doesn’t really get that much rain compared to most U.S. cities. In fact, Seattle ranks 44th among major U.S. cities in average annual rainfall, getting approximately 38 inches annually. Cities that get more rainfall than Seattle include such as Houston Texas (48 inches), New Orleans (60 inches), Mobile AL (65 inches), Memphis (52 inches), Nashville (48 inches), and pretty much every major city on the eastern seaboard, such as New York (43 inches), Philadelphia (41 inches), Miami (58 inches), and Boston (44 inches)

Here is the thing about Seattle. The weather is perfect. I lived there and while it does rain more than Los Angeles, it is not a rainy place, not like New York, or Vermont where I swear unless it is snowing it is raining. Pissing down rain actually. In Seattle when it rains, it clears up and sunshine is there. So why not call it the sunshine state? Oh cuz Florida-which actually has more rain than Seatt…

More on FB Privacy

So here is a follow up article about the privacy issue with FB applications. I could never understand why anyone wanted a farm or be in a mafia war in the first place, but to each his own.

This quote is just funny to me and I know that if and when I meet Zuckerberg in person, this is exactly why we will get along famously. He isn't trying to be a dick-but the truth hurts.

"Mark Zuckerberg, the company's chief executive, apologized to users, saying that some of the site's privacy settings had become too complicated for the average user to understand."

This said, I have never had an issue with the privacy settings...just sayin'; it ain't rocket science.

Facebook Acknowledges Privacy Issue With Applications

The New York Times

MIGUEL HELFT, On Monday October 18, 2010, 12:16 pm EDT

Facebook said on Monday that it was talking to application developers about how they handle some personal data, after a report said some applications had been improperly sharing the data …

Don't Blame Zuckerberg For Your Own Security Issues

I don't understand people...and warning, this entry will probably offend some of you, but don't get mad at me, or Zuckerberg, just fix your privacy issues and move on.

It blows me away that people give out their personal info on FB and then get pissed off at Zuck about it. I mean, use your brain people. When the app asks you if you will allow it to access everything including your first born isn't that a clue NOT to use it? As well, if you have your address, phone number, full birthday, are at risk. Don't blame the creator for your own stupidity.

I mean really. I see more and more people complaining about Mark Zuckerberg for invading their privacy when in reality they are the ones putting the info up there.

It isn't really that hard. Back in the day before Social Networking, did you sign each email with your name, address, location, phone number, names of your kids, your dog and what you were eating? No of course not.

Did you put all than on letters before ema…

Marcus Brewer Killing Us Softy~Tony Stonem Not So Softly

So in real life the dork that is Marcus Brewer ~ About a Boy (2002)
would never grow up to be Tony Stonem ~ Skins (2007)

Nicholas Hoult has transformed.

This kid, I say kid, even though in the UK and across Europe he has become a sex symbol-a concept that is still weird to me, because he will always be Marcus Brewer "shake your ass" dork,
this kid has grown up to be a really good looking young man and he is a terrific actor.

I saw him in The Weatherman in 2005 and Nicolas Cage played his father-yeah right, Tom Cruise could be, but sorry Cage, no way. In any case, he had some pretty dramatic scenes in that film and did a great job. Now I see him in Skins and it is very weird to see his character play such a wanker. That said, he is a great actor. He has been given some amazing scenes and just like in About a Boy, he delivers.

He was also in A Single Man, which I haven't seen yet, I believe this guy is someone to watch closely. I am sure he will go far.

I would love to write so…

Please Use Facebook Responsibly

This article came out today and it makes me wonder why people can't use anything responsibly? I mean really? I can only say, if you are on Facebook-and the whole world is-don't be a douchebag. If I end up in your group, I will probably "leave the group" and drop you as a friend. Already it's crazy to get a gazillion group invites, and now people can just add people? That's fine. I have no problems with Faecbook itself, but it's the wankers that don't use it properly and cause trouble....So please use it responsibly. It is awesome, we all love it.
Here is the article. I think you will find it interesting~

Facebook's New Groups Feature Worries Some Robert McMillan Robert Mcmillan – Fri Oct 8, 4:00 am ET This week's overhaul of Facebook groups quickly led to an outcry over the way the service works, but the bigger lesson may be simply this: Be careful who you befriend. The problems started on Thursday, the day after Facebook…

We Could All Learn From Michael Costello

I love Project Runway. I have watched it from the beginning and always enjoy the fashion and creativity of it. This season immediately I liked several people, and Micheal Costello (Michael C - as everyone calls him) was one of them. I loved his personality and I loved how he handled some truly awful situations that happened to him by some of the others.

I friended him on Facebook (thank you Mark Zuckerberg!! Love Facebook) and I noticed under his favorite quotes he has this:

"love your life and make the most of it! be straight forward!!! and dont care what any one thinks!!! put your passions first!!! and if they really love you they can wait!!!! that goes for anything and every one!!! remember to be a good role model for your kids..
and treat people like you would want to be treated!!!!"

This is so Michael, and I respect him so much for showing the world how to handle difficult people and be outstanding, respectful and most of all "classy".

Someday I will wear one o…

Hot Chocolate Kind of Day

It's raining again in southern California and I LOVE it. So many people complain about the wet and cold, but not me. I welcome this weather with open arms. It gives me energy and I feel charged and ready for anything!
It isn't really cold, more like chilly with temps between 50-65, and a light breeze I find it perfect.
If it was like this every day I would never want to leave.
For those of you that are saying "it's so cold I have to have my heat on" all I can say is this: man up! Seriously, this is not cold and you do not need to have your heat on. I think people like you should spend the winter in Chicago, or Milwaukee, or anywhere in upstate New York, Vermont of New Hamphire...seriously? Heat? Give me a break! I'm just sayin'

Another great thing about chilly wet days, is hot chocolate, it is fun to go outside and go running or something, then come in and warm up with a nice mug of chocolate~

Enjoy the day because this is SoCal and the hot hot hot t…

Is Mark Zuckerberg An Evil Genius?

Is Mark Zuckerberg an evil genius? No way.. he is a geek, a nerd, a Harvard grad who had the billion dollar idea, smarts and passion to make it work. Got this from the New York Times Opinion section.

This is a great article about Mark Zuckerberg-who thanks to Hollywood everyone is talking about even more these days.
I have been fascinated by this young man since I heard about how Facebook started a couple years ago and have read many articles about him because he is like the J. K. Rowling of the internet...fucking brilliant idea-why didn't I think of that? Is what many people are scratching their heads wondering.

Like this article suggests, who knows exactly why it happened? Just like Bill Gates and some others that have been called innovators, some people are just smarter and their ideas work.

Here is the thing. In the film the character of Mark made a statement about chairs, and if one person comes up wit…

The Suicide Barrier Plan is Stupid

I took this photo a couple weeks ago when I was in San Francisco. As some of you know, I am fascinated by this bridge and it's, sad & tragic, history. I wrote a novel last year about a girl driving from Los Angeles to San Francisco to jump off the bridge, but she meets someone who talks her out of it, they fall in love, but turns out, he is a ghost-he jumped, and thus needed to save her to move on. (Yes looking for an agent and to find it a home). And while up there doing some research I met a gal who was crying at marker 79...well after watching her for a while, I asked her if she was okay~she wasn't~less than 30 minutes later she was gone. I had turned around for a second and she jumped. I did call the police, but they didn't get there in time-in any case~ I hope to bring awareness to people about suicide and how it is a very serious and tragic solution to a temporary problem.
That said, after the almost year of obsession with the Golden Gate Bridge, I learned about t…

Great Article About Mentoring

Whether you are a mentee or a mentor in the entertainment industry, or big business, or a lawyer or doctor, teacher, etc.. this is a great article. :0)

I hope you find it as interesting as I did.

Mentors Pay It Forward By Anne Cheevers
General Manager, 6FigureJobs Last week I talked about why it’s important to have one (or three!), the wonderful people who agreed to be mine, and what we all got out of it. Today, I want to focus on why you should become one. When you become a mentor, you agree to offer that person advice, access and advocacy. Whether you are mentoring a college student or a professional whose career path is shorter than yours, your experience gives you invaluable perspective that your mentee can use to help them avoid pitfalls and missteps and to supercharge their careers. I have several people that I mentor. Here are a couple of examples: The first is someone I worked with 20 years ago that was an AP cle…

"Have A Cup of Tea! Go On, You Will!"

Old Irish women think that tea is the answer to every problem and it is usually true. If you are raging about something and you sit down, relax and have some tea you will feel better. If you are in from a rain storm; wet and cold, and you have some tea, you will feel better. If your heart is broken and you can't stop crying, the warm friendly tea will lift your spirits.

So when you say "This sucks!" or "I am so upset about this!" and it is met with the Irish, "You'll have a cup of tea. Go on, you will, you will." Trust me, you will be happy.

Funny enough it is the same in the States, people are saying tea is the answer to everything. Herbal tea, Green tea, Irish tea, just tea! Not to be confused with the infamous "tea party" that is a whole different kettle of fish, that one.

For example, yesterday all day, I felt sick to my tummy. I had no idea why and no matter what I did if wouldn't go away. Finally around midnight I Googled "Ho…

Eminem's 'Love The Way You Lie' Warns Of The Cycle Of Abuse

I read this article today because I have been completely under the spell of this song for the last 6 or so weeks. I never, well rarely listen to lyrics, not that they aren't important, but I admit that I listen to music based on my initial gut feeling when I hear it. I love the music, the melody, the riffs, whatever you want to call it, that is what draws me in. This new song does both and it hits me on a very personal level.I have never been in that kind of relationship, thank God, or whomever for that, but I know it all to well, growing up in a violent household. In fact, I am sure if my mom were still with us, this song would get to her. It is VERY VERY VERY real. My father, who I love dearly, could be a scary sun of a bitch with the drink in him, and so in a way I was lucky to witness domestic violence, and what it could be at an early age. I see the warning signs very quickly.

I was dating a guy a few years back and I loved him, or I thought I did and leaving was the hardest t…

All Because of a Westie

This morning, I got up ready for the day, and walked outside with my little dog as usual. I had made it around my block when I ran into an older lady with a puppy on the side of the street; he was also a Westie-the same as my guy. We got to talking about Westie care and then her daughter and granddaughter, life etc., and it was such a great conversation that I feel uplifted and happy that I met her.
This woman has really lived and enjoyed life, raised a family and she is still going strong. She is in her 70s, originally from the middle east, Muslim, and a wonderful spirit. It was so fascinating talking to her about her experiences in the world and in that 30 or 40 minutes that we spoke, we made a connection of sorts. She opened up to me about some sad moments in her life and we just had a great talk.
It is a amazing to me how you live your life and then suddenly you meet someone you never knew and a whole new world opens up.
I feel truly blessed that I met her today and had a talk, all b…

Happy Thursday!

So I have been having one of those weeks where I am confused, bewildered and completely lost with people and feel like I am in an episode of Glee getting slushie after slushie tossed in my face.

After a lot of tears, and trying to talk things out, I am at the end of it. I just can't keep trying to figure things out and fix things that can't be fixed, so tonight I am going out with the girls to have a super night out in San Francisco. I can't wait and it could not have come at a better time!

I hope you are all having a fabulous week, day, month, whatever!!

New Project Keeping Me Busy

Hello folks, I am working on my new book entitled :

Why Is There A Spider On My Head? How to keep your day job and NEVER make it in the "industry".

and I have a scene to finish for my day job-but mine is in the industry so it is okay!

Right now I am hungry, but wanted to check in with everyone.. Hope you are all having a fabulous day where ever you are!!!

Lunchtime Laughter!

Oh My God!! ~imagine Chandler/Janice saying this circa 1996 ~ and that describes my experience today grabbing a quick and terribly unhealthy grilled cheese & tomato sammy at Vons!

I am there in line, behind a woman ordering what must have been the biggest sandwich I had ever seen in my life when a huge man~I'm talking huge! Really fat, big man-sorry not being rude, it is just the way to describe him-comes in from the other side and starts demanding the lady making the other lady's lunch give him 'free samples'.

How would I even get close to explaining his personality to you folks? I am not sure. He was beyond normal rude, even for a New Yorker-not that he was one-but you know what I mean, that busy, rushed New York way of bossing people around. He was more like....hrm? Oh, oh I got it. Did you ever see the film, "That Thing You Do"? Well in that film there is a music producer that the lead singer Jimmy goes up to and tries to promote the band and when he do…

Things I Love About San Francisco!

1. The Golden Gate Bridge

2. The Bay Bridge

3. Pacific Heights

4. The stairs on the steep streets
5. Market Street
6. Union Square
7. Union Street
8. The Millenium restaurant
9. The Embarcadero
10. The laidbackness (not sure if that is a word)
11. Crissy Field

12. North Beach
13. The Marina/Cow Hollow
14. Macy's (the big one in Union Square)
15. The weather
16. The fog!
17. San Mateo
18. The architecture

19. The vibe
20. The Redwoods/Marin County/Sausalito

There are so many things I love about San Francisco that it is hard to chose just a few! :0)

"Because it's Murder. Cold Blooded Murder."

Phoebe on the show 'Friends' didn't eat meat "because it's murder, cold blooded murder" as she put it. I don't know about that, but part of me does agree. I am conflicted!

In any case, so starts my attempt to go vegan. I have switched completely back to vegetarian, with the occasional fish. I was out to dinner about a month ago with a vegetarian friend and when I asked her if she ate fish she replied, "no food with a face.", which is also very Phoebe.
Then I was watching 'Master Chef' the other night and one of the chefs started crying because they had to kill a crab and the guilt set in for the crab cake I had just eaten for lunch!

Without all the animals rights issues, the bottom line is I feel better on a plant food diet. I don't know if I can give up all animal products, like butter and other dairy. I don't drink milk anymore, but do like it in my coffee, lattes and cappuccinos. I use powered creamer at home for coffee-and weird…

Magic Cards!

"When I was 7 most of my friends stopped believing in magic. That's when I first started. They were beautiful, they were happy. They didn't even need any money, they had magic cards."

Okay, maybe I shouldn't be taking advice from Rebecca Bloomwood-a fictional character who just happens to have my love for shopping-well not so much shopping as buying.

I hate to shop, but I love to buy. I love to get new shoes, new accessories and new pretty things!

Check out my latest!!

And it isn't my fault-if God, or whomever the powers that be are, didn't want me to spend, He/they wouldn't make it so darn easy to get credit.
Technically, I could be dead before these charges even hit my card. The 'big one', world war three, a 747 could crash into my building, etc.. so really, why deny myself something pretty-okay two pretty things-when my life could be over and any given second? Honestly

It isn't like I really had a choice in the matter. These two dresses were …

"The Coldest Winter I Ever Spent..."

..."was the summer I spent in San Francisco" is how the quote goes!

On nasty hot days like today, (currently 95/feels like 102), this is what I think about. Walking, running, biking across on a summer day when the ice cold breeze kisses your face and your body is wrapped in moist air and you can see your breath! Oh I need a 'summer' home in San Francisco. ;p

Golden Gate Bridge June 2009 ~ photo by me!

Okay, I'll admit it, the day this was taken, it was FREEEEEZING. The breeze didn't feel like kisses, it felt like knives stabbing me and I was physically in pain up there. I never ran so fast...followed by a hot cocoa at the Warming Hut-weird for June-but I'll take it any day over this miserable heat!

We Have a "Situation"...

David Hasselhoff, Bristol Palin, and Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino will compete for the mirror ball trophy.

OMG~ NO WAY! I was joking last week when I said the following: Who is next, the Situation?
You have got to be friggen' kidding me? I must have some serious powers in the universe.

*******Okay from now on I am going to repeat the following : Ryan Murphy is hiring me to write on Glee. I am working on Glee. I am the next staff writer for Glee. I am winning an Emmy for my episode of Glee. It would really be awesome if you could all join in! Just say it once a day or so.*********

I apologize to the universe if I somehow made this happen, and I apologize to the dancers. I am not sure what will be worse, Bristol or the "Situation".UGH

Back FROM the Future!

A would-be saboteur arrested today at the Large Hadron Collider in Switzerland made the bizarre claim that he was from the future. Eloi Cole, a strangely dressed young man, said that he had travelled back in time to prevent the LHC from destroying the world.
Read more:

OMG! How do we really know this man is not from the future? I mean, anything is possible, isn't it?
I am sure he is just a wack job, but I love love love the idea that it could happen. How do we know for 100% that is can't?

If Dr. Brown can make a car into a time machine, why not this bloke?

In the real Flash Forward the future was controlling the past. We have seen it in the Time Machine, Terminator, so why not in real life? Don't they say, life imitates art?

I am going to embrace the idea and I hope Mr. Cole rids the world of Mountain Dew forever!

and I am definitely re writing my Bog Bang T…

You Are Lucky To Have a Job, Now, Shut up!

People that complain all the time about having a job really bug me, especially when they grossly exaggerate the hours they are working-news flash about a million people would switch places with you!

I don't understand this type of behavior. I really don't.

Also the ones that if they work like 30 seconds past their normal leave time-you would think they pulled an 80 hour work week the way they moan and whine.

These same folks are the ones who leave work early, take a long weekend every other week, and generally use any excuse in the book not to work.

It must be really sad to hate your job and your life so much.

I am just sayin'

And Now; New York

I figured it was only fair to mention a few things I love about a little town I like to call NEW YORK!!!

1. The buildings
2. The people
3. The amount of people
4. Riverside Drive
5. The Upper West Side
6. Columbus Circle
7. Central Park West
8. Central Park South
9. 5th Aveneue
10. The Plaza
11. The Walforf
12. The Met
13. The Mets
14. 52nd Street
15. Broadway
16. The Imperial Theater
17. The Upper East Side Shops
18. Huge Department Stores
19. Sample Sales
20. The Pizza
21. The Pretzels
22. The Empire State Building
23. Grand Central
24. The Natural History Museum
25. Dean & Deluca
26. Madison Square Garden
27. The Weather
28. The Christmas Tree
29. The Macy's Day Parade
30. The Tony Awards
31. The Buzz & Busy Feeling
32. Off Broadway
33. The Accents
34. The Brooklyn Bridge
35. Walking Down A Street in the Fall

Okay, so I got to 35 without even thinking, whereas for L.A. I had to really think about the top 20 or so....and trust me, there are a lot more reasons I love New York!

I Admit It: I Do Love L.A.

Okay, so if you are on my Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, or know me in real life, you know I am not a huge fan of the hot weather, and I live in Los Angeles-or the Valley actually-it is hot hot hot, and what is worse, the SMOG! That said, I do love this city and here are some things I absolutely love: (In no particular order)

1. The Stairs off San Vicente

2. All the Farmer's Markets every Sunday-especially the Hollywood one and Studio City one.

3. Runyon Canyon

4. Century City Mall

5. Beverly Hills

6. Palisades Park

7. LAX

8. The Grove

9. Award Shows

10. Sunset Blvd.

11. Mulholland Drive

12. Manhattan Beach

13. Uncle Bill's

14. The Sports Club L.A.

15. Beverly Glenn

16. Pacific Coast Hwy

17. Malibu

18. Duke's

19. The Studios

20. The Entertainment Industry

AND we also have: two major league baseball teams, two hockey teams, two basketball teams, Disneyland, Magic Mountain, beaches galore-for every type of person.

I even love the freeways, I love the different burbs-okay the whole place is a big ser…

My thought for the night.

I wonder who writes the "I know I just got booted but life is awesome, & I'm so thankful for this opp" ...silver lining-Pollyanna crap for Top Chef and Project Runway-because I would really love to see just one of them say, "this effing sucks, I am so upset, my life/career is over"-you know tell how they really feel.

Reviews For My Novels!

I know I should only put this in Micheline's blog and my writing blog-but hey, all blogs are for writing right?

Both my novels were reviewed this week (as well as a book giveaway and interview)

So excited!

Please stop by my other blog(s) and check out my reviews~

Day One Officially of Detox

Well I wouldn't call it a 'detox' in that I am not planning on starving myself or putting maple syrup into a blender with garlic and living off that for a month, but I am changing my diet completely. I started about a week and a half ago by cutting my calories in half-yes I would like to lose a few pounds, wouldn't most of us?-and now I am going back to vegetarian eating 99% of the time. Why? Because I feel better when I eat vegetarian, period. I am starting by doing a full week of nothing but fruits and veggies, that is it. I will do a vegetable and fruit juice twice a day-made at home with my juicer-and then veggies for the rest of the meals. I did it yesterday-had a few pieces of bread-but over all have tons of energy and already feel lighter and healthier.

I am also sick of people constantly trying to shove tons and tons of vitamins down my throat. I NEVER get sick and by never I mean, NEVER. I haven't been on antibiotics in about 15 years and haven't had a …

Friggen' LOVE Joan Holloway (Harris)

Look at her~ OMG these photos do not do her justice. Her make-up is flawless, her outfits are flawless, her attitude is flawless. I seriously love this character so much! I am inspired to do some drawings (just add it to the gazillion writing projects I have going and work)...I will do it. I LOVE HER!


I have to say-Men are you crazy wanting a skinny bitch when you can have someone like this?

Finally, A Great Question~

Tonight I had the pleasure of meeting Jennifer Weiner up close and personal, in real life~we were already Facebook and MySpace friends, but you know, that just isn't the same. As one of my fav authors, who actually inspired me to write my first book, told from a very candid and real point of view, it was great to hear her speak. Her voice in her novels is great, but in person she has so much vivacious, fun energy that even a gentleman walking by decided to stay for the whole reading.

This is actually what this blog is about...this man.. who I don't know and will probably never see again has made it into my blog.

Are you curious?

Are you dying to know what happened?

To tell the story properly and to have you understand why I was so happy with him I have to tell a short story about how the Q & A sessions after any writer, (actor, director, producer, plumber, mailman-okay maybe not the last two, but I am just seeing if you are paying attention), usually drives me COMPLETELY INSAN…

Why So Desperate Ladies?

Okay ladies-it is not 1960 anymore, why are you so desperate to get married? I don't and never will understand this mentality.

(What's wrong with this picture? Do either of them look happy?)

Honestly, what is it about getting married that still has women wanting it with more passion than actually finding someone they actually love?

There are tons of films, 'Bridget Jone's', 'Sex & The City', 'Must Love Dogs' to name a few, that all center females 'desperate' to be married, or re married. Did I miss something and we are back in 1960 and we need a man? It is ridiculous.

There are match making services where woman sign up in hopes of finding that certain someone to get to the alter. UGH.

There is always some woman giving advice on how to keep a man, get a man, marry a man-seriously? Did you not wake up and realize we are living in 2010?

I am not against marriage, or the concept of spending the rest of your life with someone you love, starting a f…

Sports Team Skivvies!

You know what is totally weird to me? Sports teams that have underwear with their logo on it. I mean, really what are they trying to say? 'Our team is worth enough to have on your arse!' Or can you imagine, you are wearing your best Red Sox thongs (and yes thanks to Yawkey Way Store, I know these exist) and you get to crucial moment with the super hot guy you picked up in the pub-because please any girl wearing sports-undies drinks in a pub-he is there, you are there hot and heavy when he sees the Sox logo on your cooch and jumps off you screaming "You are a fucking Red Sox fan? The Yankees are the best team in baseball!" whips off his Levi's (Of course Levi's, he likes the Yankees for Christ's sake) and there he stands in tighty-whiteys with Jeter's number on his Johnson and 'Yankees' on his arse? The whole night is ruined because you had to wear your team on your hoo-hoo.
I just don't see the point in ruining what could otherwise be a fun…

Remember, always give your best.

I just returned from an evening at the WGA and will write about it in my writing blog, still have some work to do, but a friend on FB posted this quote, so I thought I would share it. It seems so relevant to life in the "industry".

‎"Remember, always give your best. Never get discouraged. Never be petty. Always remember, others may hate you. But those who hate you don't win unless you hate them. And then you destroy yourself." - Nixon

R.I. P Pres Romanillos

Pres Romanillos lost his battle with cancer yesterday and today we all mourn the loss of our friend, mentor, and amazing soul that touched the lives of everyone he met.

When I first went to work in Orlando on Mulan, I didn't know that many people, and Pres was one of the first people to make me feel welcome. The day I met him was the day my uncle had killed himself and I literally had only been in the studio one day. I was walking around the hallway in a daze when Pres came up to me like we had been best friends forever, and gave me words of comfort and strength. Then as the summer went on, we hung out during rainstorms on the patio for midday breaks and talked about life, work and he was just always inspiring me to be a better artist and person. He was a supervising animator at the time and I was a nobody, a newbie who had not even completed a year with Disney and only one film, but that didn't matter to him. He saw everyone as equal and treated us that way.

A couple years late…