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Targèt Fashion Phenomenon!

So what is it about this shirt that has all the women wearing it? It is super popular and you can't swing a cat in Los Angeles without hitting someone who has this little number on.

I have seen it dressed up, dressed down, with work out clothes, shorts, sweats, skirts, you name it. This is THE shirt to be seen in!

I even saw some top celebs sporting this shirt in Santa Monica, no wonder it isn't on the shelves anymore. All it takes is one shot of someone big and BOOM! Everyone has to have it.

I love that no matter where I go, this shirt is there. Is mine following me? Am I being stalked? Is it like that Seinfeld episode when that one girl had a million of the same outfit, but with a twist? It is a phenomenon that is for sure!

Targèt got it right this time! I love mine. It is comfy, it is gorgeous, it makes a political statement and it was only $9.99! Wow! What a deal!

So please share with me; how many times have you seen this shirt out and about?

My Own Personal Kobayashi Maru

Sometimes I feel like life is a test that I am not passing? You know that feeling that us "artists" get when the jobs slow down and people are us tell us to "get a real job"? I mean, if I hear that one more time, I think I might just scream, cry or laugh.
I love what I do, and I just want to do it and be happy. Is that too much to ask?

Ain't Nobody Got No Class?

I was watching General Hospital the other day and when it ended the Oprah show came on and the subject was "class" during the recession and how people are falling from middle class to low class. It was a bit off the mark in my opinion because her, Oprah, and her expert, were saying that class is determined by money, and a little bit education.

According to her expert if someone doesn't go to school or come from a good family, they can reach high or upper class by making 6 figures, and if someone is well educated, comes from a good family, was making that kind of money and more, then loses his/her job, they become "lower class". Um? Hrmmm, I don't think so.

Because then according to them, Tom Cruise~upper class, Lindsay Lohan~upper class.
I am sorry, as much as I love Tom Cruise, he isn't "upper or high class" he is just a man with tons of money. Class is something you are born with not something you achieve. That is just the way it is.

Money does …

And Yet, Another NCIS~

Again, is Hollywood really out of ideas? How can this be?

Yes there is another NCIS- Los Angeles. Great, another version of a show set in Los Angeles, that is so not original and it is boring to say the least. Will NCIS (Navel Criminal Investigation Serivce) turn into CSI? You know, New York, Miami, Vegas, blah blah blah. Every night another version of the show is on. BORING. By this right we should have ER:Chicago, ER:New York, ER: Pittsburgh, ER: Los Angeles. I don't really get it. That said, I do enjoy all the CSI shows and NCIS to some extent. They are well written with solid characters, so I will definitely tune in to NCIS: Los Angeles, if not only to see Chris O'Donnell again and L.L. Cool J, who is always fun. CBS will launch NCIS: Los Angeles this fall.

Now another show that I will not be watching that was announced and I had to cringe when reading it is, mun2: The mun2 Hook Up: Celebrity Edition at 7p...a show called "Hook Up" and now there is a Celebrity Edit…

Industry News!

Really? Really? I can't believe the news today.
Not know what I am talking about? UGH..let me just start with UGH.

In television: There is a new Melrose Place! Yes just like 90210, they have made a new Melrose Place. Are there really not enough ideas out there? Here's an idea, just get Netflix and rent the originals, or SOAP net usually runs them. Really? With so many great shows getting canceled left and right, Dirty Sexy Money, Eli Stone, Pushing Daises, (plug plug for ABC inserted LOL)...Without A Trace is gone! But hey, not to worry, we are putting a new version of Melrose Place on the air. What's next, new Party Of Five? Maybe a new Wonder Years?

In film: Remake of Footloose!!!
It has been confirmed that 'Gossip Girl' actor Chace Crawford is set to star in the lead role of the remake of 'Footloose'. UGH...Dirty Dancing the musical and a new Footloose..
Okay then, new Ferris Bueller, and new Back To The Future are just around the corner.

Okay writers, start w…