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Stealing Me Softly

I just found out that this "snake in the grass/Darth Vader incarnate" EX friend of mine has taken ANOTHER one of my story ideas and passed it off as her own. (That is 3 now that I know of)

A few years ago we were great friends, but she just never ceases to surprise me. Soon she will run out of people to steal from and have to stand on her own and she will fall. I believe in Karma and that the truth always comes out.
To this person I say this:

A) Putting a Copywrite 2009 next to something you have stolen does NOT make it yours!
B) Taking a chapter from a book that has already been published changing the names and submitting it as an "original" story, makes you STUPID.
C) Using your friends to steal their creatively, makes you a BAD PERSON.
D) (This is obvious) Lying, stealing, cheating, backstabbing and trying to take work (money/food off table) from your close friends just shows complete LACK OF CHARACTER.
E) Taking other people's drawings/sketches, or doodles from th…


Sorry I have been so bad about posting. When I started this, I meant to write an article twice a week.. where does the time go? Oh yeah to my next two screenplays, my series, spec scripts, my day job~animation, looking for work, writing shorts, submitting to every studio for animation and writing, the occasional yoga, sleep and food! LOL

I did manage to finish AIDS WALK SF and am heading to the Con for more networking!

Have a great one~

Amazing What Some People Will Do

I find it amazing that people have no problems absolutely lying outright about work they have done. I find it more amazing that these same people then post their work on a public website.

It is one thing to finesse a resume. Example: a maid could say she is really a household technician, or a nanny could say they are an executive childcare facilitator, and even the old secretary is now an executive assistant. To out right lie just always amazes me and then to take work that others have done and post on a website and claim it as their!

I just saw something that I am still shaking my head it and if any of the work was mine, this person would be looking at the business end of a lawsuit.

Fair enough, once a friend of mine took a chapter out of one of my novels, changed all the names and published it as a short on a public website, so I sent the creator of the website my novel with a post it on the chapter and a note saying to read closely and of course the publishing date being 2 ye…

Writing Job Opps Gone To Pot

So, I have been swamped with animation work of late, and that is why I haven't had much time for writing in my blog. Tonight I was scanning some job sites for writing jobs and I shit you not, this is what I saw..

"if interested, tell me about you as a person and as a writer, anything else you can send me. Please don't send writing samples. Just want to work with somebody who is smart, has an enthusiasm for grownup comedy, understands dramatic narrative structure, and wants to spend a few days helping and learning. (Also, somebody who doesn't freak out at the potential smell of 420 would be helpful, but not mandatory. This is why we have the candy here.) "

So tell this to me like I'm a 6 year old? No writing samples and doesn't mind the smell of pot; we have a lot of candy?

Yes this is a real ad.