Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year!

A lot  has happened this year.
The first big event, I was finally released from an abusive illustration job that I took in 2012 because I needed the money and my father had just died-I wasn't thinking straight clearly. I was verbally abused daily at this place and by the owner, well he may have done it weekly if he was out of town, but it was bad. I was constantly being threatened, told I have no talent, told I couldn't do the job that I was excelling at, and everyone there could see it except for him, Anyhow, finally on May 13, 2013 he made up an excuse and let me go-released me from the hell I was living and then my life began again! I was sooo happy to be out of that situation.
I loved the job just not him who I will not name. LOL.. I met so many great people there and made many close friends.
I also met my boyfriend who I now live with. It's exciting. I know I am old to have never lived with someone, but I never have until now and it's great. I love him so much and he makes me every day better.
I illustrated my 15th children's book this fall, in fact I actually have a day or two more on it, for formatting.
I started doing custom kid's books and also dog illustrations.
I was in my first real art show, and sold 4 pieces.
I was in a second art show and gained new friends and also raised some money for a charity with my Dr. Who piece.
I am excited for 2014. It's been 10 years since my mother passed away and I can't believe how much has happened and I can't tell her.
That said, this is a new year. I have a new printer and plan on selling a lot of my own work in 2014 and possibly Wonder Con-we will see.
Happy New Year to you all!! Wishing you well .

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Wolf! (Of Wall Street That Is)


So on Christmas my boyfriend and I went to see the Wolf of Wall Street with a huge crowd of people in Hollywood. This morning, the above article was sent to me and I was deleted from someone because she was ashamed of me for liking the film. UGH

Saying that I am supporting this kind of behavior. SIGH.. what is wrong with people. She also sent me a nasty message saying that she refuses to go see the film. I felt like I was being attacked for what? Liking Leo and Marty and their awesome film?

The film does NOT glorify Jordan Belfort's lifestyle, in fact it is so raw and real that you cringe at many of the scenes. It's awful-which means it's a great film. It shows the audience, just like Goodfellas did with Henry Hill that being this type of a human being is disgusting.

So attack someone on FB for liking a really well done film? SIGH SIGH SIGH. People are idiots these days.

The film is good. Martin Scorsese is an amazing director and Leonardo DiCaprio is an amazing actor period. Jordan Belfort? Seems like pond scum to me.

Monday, December 23, 2013

All Diamonds Are Blood Diamonds

I hate to be political on here, BUT all these, "every kiss begins with Kay" and "he went to Jared" commercials make me sick. Honestly women-really? is it worth it to have that over priced rock on your finger, neck or other? SIGH ALL DIAMONDS ARE BLOOD DIAMONDS http://apscuhuru.org/analysis/diamonds/index.xhtml
I F*cking hate diamonds! (And yes I volunteered with Amnesty for a couple years for this cause) sad, it still hasn't changed much.

Why must people buy these? All those people in Africa dying because you have to wear a diamond? UGH I don't understand why a rock is worth more than human life? It sickens me. 

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Working on Thanksgiving

Gobble gobble, it's turkey day, where everyone in America eats too much and then complains about it for weeks on end. The other super annoying trend is complaining about stores being open on Thanksgiving and posting all over FB about boycotting this store or that... here is what I say to that:

just sayin'......honestly.

To everyone complaining about people having to work on Thanksgiving, unless you are going to do absolutely nothing that requires someone to work, you really have no ground to stand on here-that includes, restaurants, hotels, airports, grocery stores, theme parks, gas stations, movie theatres, theatres, sports arenas------etc etc etc.. get the point?

Friday, November 15, 2013

Move to New York, or Make More Money is the Solution!

Hahaha good reason to move back to old New York eh? Rents may be insane, but insurance is lowering LOL..I have to say, I'm not happy with the new system, only because I can't afford it, but I do support our president. Change is always hard. Give him some credit, he is trying.

I have been complaining a lot about how my insurance has doubled and I am getting worse coverage. It sucks, but the bigger picture is that this will even out, I have faith in the system and until then I will just have to make more money.

I am not licensing my art out and selling commissions to help solve this problem. I eat healthy, I am relatively young and never get sick, so I am thinking positive instead of negative.

I am not planning to move to New York, that of course is a joke. I love New York, but my boyfriend, the love of my life has a good job out here in California, and California has become home after 22 years with a few exceptions out of the state for school and work here and there.

Instead on focusing on what I can't afford I am focusing on how I can afford... whatever it is.

Being positive, and again, happy every single day that I am not the president.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Sigh-This Diet Works-Fad Diets

Aren't you getting sick of everyone who has lost a few pounds professing they have found the perfect diet?
I try to be positive all the time, but it's just plain annoying, especially when they push it on you.

I have friends who have switched to super high protein diets, they lose weight and push it on you like it's the best thing since sliced bread-but how would they know that when they don't eat bread. I went on one of these Paleo diets and gained 20 LBS in a month! 20, yes I said TWENTY and I got a kidney infections. Lost of medical research has said this is a dangerous diet, yet people do it. I am convinced the ones who lose weight are the ones that shovel down three lbs of pasta every night and eat donuts and junk food, so of course they will see a difference.
If you did the Hollywood Cookie Diet-and yes this is a real diet-you will see "results" too because it has a low caloric intake.

Or the new gluten free fad-no wheat, no flour, ever! "You'll lose tons of weight!" is the promise. I was gluten free to two months, didn't lose anything and felt the same, except my checkbook because gluten free is expensive if you substitute normal bread and stuff for gluten free. I also got a massive migraine from all the processed crap. You want to go gluten free-just eat veggies and meat/protein.

The thing is, this is simple. Eat less exercise more and you will be healthy. You don't need to starve yourself or go on a juice fast for a month or anything crazy. EAT LESS work out MORE, it's that simple.

I eat a plant based diet with some protein, not tons, but enough.

I have gained weight this summer because I exercised LESS, that's why and I was eating out a lot. Not fast food, but MORE food, so I gained weight. I also had surgery in Jan of 2013-nothing major-well we prevented it from turning into something major and I couldn't work out for a few months, my hormones flipped out thus starting the weight gain. But I am now cutting back the calories and working out more, walking more and it's working.

I think that before people get on Facebook or any social media and push people into these crazy "fad" diets they really need to think about it because people are so desperate to lose weight without doing the work, they will do anything.

I personally believe and have for some time that the Mediterranean Diet is the healthiest. And no that does not mean go to the Olive Garden 6 days a week for all you can eat. That is a myth created by Americans to sell pasta. I lived in Italy and they are NOT fat and they do NOT eat like we see on TV about Italians. The mediterranean diet is a plant based diet with meats, fishes and dairy. It's healthy. If you do your research you will see it's the healthiest diet for long term. Greeks and Italians are outliving all of us, yes even the Japanese-that says something. That said, it may not be for you, but that's my suggestion.

Common sense will also tell you to stop eating crap-no frozen dinners, no fast food, no soda (or cancer in a can as I like to call it), no chips, no microwave anything, and no sweets, (or MUCH LESS). This is really not brain surgery folks. Ignore the fads and please eat responsibly.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

What I Have Been Up To-and New Stuff

So I have been swamped with a million things, mostly new drawing projects. I have been illustrating children's books all summer and I absolutely love it, so that is why I have been away and of course, it's October, which means the ghost is back.

I will catch you all up soon with many things, but here are some new drawings that I have been doing. Excited!

And I opened a new Cafepress shop please stop by and get some Westie and Scottie merch!


Monday, September 16, 2013

Yeah I JUST Got an iPhone and Lost a Facebook Friend

Okay I finally got an iPhone. I loved my droid, but he was dying and the new ones are too big, so I finally got an iPhone. I love it so much. I got the 4 because it was free and because I like it. I like the size, I don't need a phone that's as big as an iPad mini. This one is perfect and did I mention the price was right. My plan went down $25 dollars a month with the iPhone so it not only cost me nothing, it's saving me money.

I actually lost a FB two weeks ago because he was throwing a fit that I didn't get the 5 or wait for the 5S. Now I don't understand this behavior, it's my phone, why do you care?

He sent me SEVERAL nasty FB messages basically calling me stupid and arguing with me about MY upgrade, even though he doesn't work for the phone carrier I am with and doesn't know what my plan is.

You know how mobile phone companies are, everyone on a different deal-like renting an apt from a big company, everyone is different.

This person could NOT stand it that I didn't wait for the biggest and best one. Look, I don't need Siri, I don't need a finger scan, I don't need a phone with 600GB of RAM or whatever ridiculous amount there is. My droid didn't even have 1GB and guess what? I never came close to using it, not even close.

But even if I did, shouldn't it be MY choice what phone I get? I mean, why did it upset this person so much?

I had to block him because his rant went on for days. He kept telling me that I needed to be grateful because he was teaching me, the stupid girl, about things. Like I didn't know that iPhone 5S was coming out. I am a grown up and I made the choice based on my needs and price. That said, being gracious, I thanked him several times and asked him to drop it, and he wouldn't.

I still don't know why he cares.

It's none of anyone's business.

This all said, iPhone 4 and 4s are both AWESOME phones and I remember when they came out how much they were loved, and not everyone is planning on which Apple store to camp out at for a $700 phone, a PHONE for that much! Wow, now that is something I don't understand, but to each his own.

I love my 4!!

What this experience has taught me, you can't talk about; religion, politics or Apple products... sigh..

Thursday, September 5, 2013

I Said I Was From Another Planet---and It Worked!

Have you ever been approached by someone when out grocery shopping, or in a mall, or anywhere that you don't want to talk to? Yes of course you have, we all have. Today I finally figured out how to get people to leave me alone. Finally!

A couple years ago I was being recruited into Scientology by some folks who work in the industry for a well known celeb who is mad into it. It wasn't my thing, but at the time when I was approached by religious fanatics I would replay with a quote from Hubbard and that usually shut them up. And for added bonus it was funny. That said, it still didn't work in all situations.

Today I was at the grocery store and it's hotter than hell out so when I exited, I wanted to get to my car as quickly as possible. I accidently cut of a man and his son. I have to elaborate, an African American man and his son-it was an accident. My phone beeped and so I was looking down while exiting the store-Annoying I know, sorry but it had to be done.

I said, "oh sorry, excuse me" and the man turned around with anger from 200 years. He started in on me being white and him black and this is why I cut him off. I apologized to him again and he said, "so why say you are sorry if not because I am black?" I said, "because you are human." and that's when the idea hit me.. human.. I'm human he is a human, human = Earthling. He kept on and I said, "what do you mean by black?"
He looked at me like I was from another planet! (ha!) He said, "what!!? Are you stupid?" I replied, "I don't know what you mean by black, I am not from here."
He said "where are you from Mars?" looking to his son as he chuckled. I then laughed and said, "no that would be silly life can't survive on Mars." He said, "so you mean you aren't from California?" I said, "no I am not from this planet....Earth." He looked at me then grabbed his son and walked as fast as he could away from me.

Hahaha!!! It worked!!

Friday, August 30, 2013

I'm In Love

OMG I saw these this morning and fell head over heels in love. I have never owned a pair of "flats" but they are all the rage, so I am finally jumping on board. These are so cute and so awesome that I can not wait to wear them. I love my heels and so does my boyfriend, but I also like to be able to walk all day and these are sooooo cute. Okay maybe a little splurge on the old credit card, but hey why did God invent credit cards if he didn't want us to use them?

And It Continues-This One Paid $.50 (cents) Per Drawing!

And it continues.. what is wrong with people? 

"54 simple illustrations needed.
Small files for web use only, either 300 x 300px square or 460 x 300px rectangle.Will provide font, sample finished product and detailed instruction sheet.
Paying $0.50 per .JPG "

yeah that's 50 cents!! I saw another one yesterday from New York area that is paying $4 per hour, isn't that illegal in this country, guess not..

I don't understand, a couple days ago I was approached to do someone's book. I gave him a fair price, meaning I quotes less than a day's wage per page and he replied back with insults saying he knows for a fact that illustrators get $5 per page, yes 5 bucks.. he is insane. What is worse is that he wanted fully rendered like hand painted work that would take more than a day. 

This happens all the time. I don't understand why the value of an artist isn't valued anymore. 

Look we can draw and you can't so pay us a fair wage!! I don't know too many illustrators that gouge people for money. most of us just want to survive at a livable wage. Less than $1 per hour is NOT livable-not in this country. 

If you look at the Graphic Artist Guilds handbook you can see what we are supposed to be paid. I have been illustrating kid's books for 7 years now and I can say that I never seen anywhere close to 10,000+ for a book, which yeah, if you want us to spend the time and do a great job is about right. Not $200 per book, or $5 per page. It's beyond ridiculous and yet it keeps happening. 

UGH! ARTISTS stop taking these jobs!!! Would a mechanic work for $5 a day? Would a doctor? Would a teacher? The lady who you see at the check out lane? Airport baggage claim? NO!!! They wouldn't. Artists need to stand together and stop being treated like this. 

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Giving Gratitude for My Last Job-Silver Linings

While I really don't agree with saying anything negative about a work experience or anyone online-except for satirical posts and or total ranting in general-like why do people still text and drive??? ARRRGH But I digress.

Last Sept I was hired as an illustrator at a job that I LOVED. I was excited every single day to go into this job. I got new assignments daily and got to draw Disney characters-which from my background at Disney animation was a definite bonus; as well I got to draw tons of stuff that I had never done. I did about 30-50 new illustrations a week-yup a week-it was awesome. There was one problem, someone there didn't like me and made my life a living hell, but instead of giving up and quitting, I stuck it out and showed up every day. I was called names, insulted, threatened, talked about, etc.. pretty much every day for 8.5 months. The people who brought me, (well convinced this other person to hire me), in have apologized for the "bad situation" I was in for almost a year-and at low pay-I have to add that because being there did cost me a.....LOT...of money as I was making less than I made at the Cheesecake Factory in 1994 and less than when I started at Disney in 1996...just because some people have the idea that it's okay to take abuse if you are making good money. I was not, but I LOVED the job. Despite this person's horrible behavior I LOVED the job. I still tear up when I think that I am not there anymore. It has taken me about 3 months to get past the anger and hurt I have for what this person did, but never ever have I regretted going there. Here is what I am grateful for:

1) Now I am 100% digital-YIPPEE!!! I have been working on computers for years-but after 300+ illustrations I am really a full fledged digital illustrator and I get constant work doing children's books and other illustration projects. I have been doing kids books for years, but not like this, so that is a HUGE plus and I am grateful.

2) I am also grateful for all the new skills I have now, I went from beginning to expert in Photoshop, Illustrator and Sketchbook Pro-I love Sketchbook Pro-any and all artists should get it and it's less than $60-hurry before they realize what a great product they have and up the price!

3) I met many great people and have so many new friends from there. That is priceless.

4) This is the best part. I met the love of my life there. When I met him, I thought, "This place is too small, I can't date him, no way." But the universe had different plans for us and we fell head over heels in love and now I have this amazing man in my life that until this year I didn't even believe love like this existed. I thought true love was something Walt Disney made up to sell movies, but wow I have it now.

So while there were some hard days at this job, I have NO REGRETS, and never have. I am sorry that this person didn't like me and didn't want me there, even though I was a model employee. I was never late, not even by a minute, I never called in sick, I did above and beyond what was expected of me, I had a smile on my face every day and was always grateful for the opportunity. I leave with nothing by gratitude to this person who made my life hell, because he was also the one who hired me. I should have known things weren't going to be smooth on my first day when he said, "I didn't want you here, you have no talent, you can't draw and I don't think you can do this, but my staff feels otherwise." and maybe somewhere inside I did know, but the universe had other plans that I will always be grateful for. My life has changed for the better in so many ways that I can't even begin to describe, so I say to this man,  "Thank you for giving me the best gifts anyone could have ever given me. With gratitude always. I believe that everything happens for a reason and while I am sorry that you didn't like me or my work, I am grateful that I was there."

I write this blog today because so many of my friends are going through something bad right now, maybe a bad job, stress at home, work, life, illness and I really believe that after everything bad that happens something good will follow, or there is always a silver lining. I know that it's hard to see sometimes, especially when emotions are high, but really the worst times in my life have always turned out to be the best. Even after this experience, I look at it as one of the most positive things that could have ever happened to me and I am grateful for everything that it taught me, and gave me.

I'm just sayin'

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Yeah Right, It's Not Happening-Global Warming


A couple months ago I sat on a plane next to a man who was trying to convince me that global warming was not happening. I asked him about the polar bears dying because the ice is melting, he said it wasn't happening. I asked him about how come the San Fernando Valley used to be over 100 degrees every day from May to Oct and now we only see those super highs a couple times in July and August? He said that it never should have been that hot. I asked him how about the east coast seeing temps in the 100s all summer and when I was little the hot days were 80 at the most? He just kept saying that it wasn't happening. Well this man also tried to convince me that Sarah Palin was smart-now that should have been my first clue.

It is happening, period and this article above is really scary!

I understand the right wants everyone to believe that the left is crazy, but facts are facts and if you think it's not happening, just pay attention to the weather, it's been a bit crazy the last few years, or ask any polar bear.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

It's A Fine Life!

"If you don't mind having to go without things, it's a fine life!" This is a lyric from a song in the musical OLIVER! based of course on the Dickens novel, Oliver Twist. But hey more and more lately it seems to by the story of my life, and you know what? It's fine. I am absolutely happy 99.9% of the time. Sometimes when the bills are higher than the money that month-yeah well I am human, I'll freak out, but for the most part being an artist (and writer) is a pretty good life.
We aren't all starving kids on the streets picking pockets for money and such.. like so many people seem to perceive. I mean when I am working on a film, then everyone is like, "wow your life is so awesome" and also they love how much money we all make in the film industry, then when we are between jobs, or on "hiatus" as they love to say in Los Angeles, these same people are the first to say, "Time to get a real job". You know what, being an artist is a real job. Although not for everyone, but it is a real job and it's fun, hard, depressing, exciting, wonderful, terrifying, amazing, etc... all wrapped up into one. We get knocked down and we get back up. We create, we see the world differently, hence why we are artists, writers, poets, musicians and the rewards are great. So yeah right now I am having a shortage on work, but I have a great apartment, lots of warm clothes, food in my belly and I actually can pay my bills-I am living in the now. I am not focused on the past-where the money was rolling in because I was full time at a studio with union benefits, and I am not worried about the future because today is pretty good and that's fine with me.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Smack in the Face!!

Yesterday I threw a pity party in my name because I am not working full time.. ....well boo effing wooo, seriously. I am healthy, loved by my family, friends, doggie and boyfriend. My life is actually great, but I don't have a lot of money coming in steady.
Today I learned that a colleague of mine from Disney has cancer, stage three! FUCK! Seriously. This guy is super healthy and is a nice one too-of course it always happens to the nice ones. And then I read that another friend has a friend whose son was killed on a motorcycle this weekend. Nothing is worse than losing a child. Then I heard about a girl in OC, 18 or 19 year old, gorgeous girl, who caught some nasty ass thing and has had ALL her limbs cut off... seriously?
Next time I am having a pity party I will remember, that life is short and I am very very very lucky.
Count your blessings people and remember there is always someone sadder than you.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Results Good and Random Monday Thoughts

So I got a call from my doctor-no I do not have a thyroid issue-and no I do not have cancer-so yippee!! Nothing is wrong with me-maybe I am just getting old....eeek! Never I say never! Honestly it is what it is, and I couldn't be happier.
I started a new meditation today for 21 days with Deepok Chopra-well not with him directly, but on his site and it's pretty awesome so I am ready for things to change in my life. I am no longer going to focus on bad things or people.
I have given too much power to people who have made my life miserable and I am not 100% sure of why except that I have this need for everyone to like me and accept me. That is not realistic, but that's how I am built. I bend over backwards to please people who are never going to like me.
For example, my last boss-he hated me from the day he hired me, he bashed my work for 9 months, and threatened me, slandered me and basically made my life a living hell, and I allowed it because I was desperate for the job. This all said, I came in every day with a smile on my face and treated him with respect-the way I wanted to be treated, that never happened from him, but I still have my integrity. I felt sorry for him and kept believing it would change, it didn't, and I felt a sigh of relief that I can't explain when he said, "this is the end of the road for you here."
I did love that job despite all that drama, and everyone else there, so it was okay and I did 100% every single day, no matter what this person said to me. When he let me go, he yelled at me for about 10 minutes telling me that I was a horrible person and he hated me since the day he hired me and I had no talent. I think I actually laughed a little because it was so ridiculous. Since then I have gotten phone calls, emails and text messages continuing to tell me how horrible I am...well come on it's been three months, let it go.
I was letting this person get to me, even though I don't work there anymore-and that has to stop. Who cares if one person doesn't like me? That job was great and I made great friends, gained invaluable skills, met the love of my life there-so that is what I am taking from it now in my quest to be happy instead of sad, worried, fearful and full of anxiety-because frankly I just can't do it anymore. Life is too short and I am ready for the next great adventure and today with the start of great news about my health-I am ready for what's next!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Thyroid Issue? Nah! Italian food.

Got a blood test for my thyroid this morning-honestly you know what my thyroid issue is? My love for Italian food! MMMMM I am down 11 lbs since Friday just from juicing and dropping all those things near and dear to my heart-risotto, parmesan cheese, pasta, breads, butter...etc.

Tuesday, April 30, 2013


So I opened a credit account with the Home Store on April 8th-promotion etc... well I just got a bill with a double payment due and a late fee-I asked what happened and they said they sent me a bill in March-I explained that the account wasn't even open then and then they changed their story saying the bill closed in March and the bill was due in April. I explained again that the account wasn't open in March. "Yes we can see that you opened this in April, must be a computer mistake, but you still have to make a double payment to avoid further fees." Account closed...seriously!

Thursday, April 11, 2013


So when I was about 7 I told my mother that I wanted to be an actress, she looked at me and laughed, "You'll always be broke." I replied that I didn't care. To be fair, I had no idea what that meant at 7, but I knew what I wanted and that was a creative life. For the better part of my life I have worked in the entertainment industry in one way or another. I started my artist career when I went to an audition for a Disney feature film and they offered me a job as an artist-of course I turned them down and called my mother to complain about the nerve of them for I was an actress. Two years later I gave up the unsteady life of being an actress to work in feature animation-then BOOM! That crashed in less than 4 years and here I was struggling again. My brilliant plan to move onto writing-a plan that is working great to get rich slowly-also has had it struggles.
This all said, I would rather be an artist (any kind of creative) and be broke and struggling than anything else in the world. I am happy, I am rich in many other ways and so while we watch Disney lay off more artists and shut down Lucas Arts and I watch my friends now out of work, I say that we are the lucky ones because money doesn't not define us and we will survive.
I'm just sayin' :)

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Food Fads-Annoying

Sorry to all the folks afraid to eat bread, but this new gluten free rage is a bit crazy. I mean, honestly, does more than half the population have Celiac disease? Give me a friggen' break. It's getting so ridiculous. It's like when people say, "I lost a ton of weight when I stopped eating meat." It has nothing to do with the meat, it has to do with the fact that you were eating a steak with mashed potatoes, and heavy stuff, then all of a sudden you switched to salad and you blame meat?

In the 90s the big fad was to shovel down all the carbs you could because they were low fat and everyone was "losing weight". I mean honestly.

The way to lose weight is to simply, eat less and work out more. Have a diet mostly of plant based foods etc. The Mediterranean diet is one of the most healthy on the planet and guess what? They eat carbs-bread-gluten.

I gave up gluten for a month-felt NO DIFFERENT.
I gave up sugar for two months-felt NO DIFFERENT.
I have given up meat and dairy-FELT NO DIFFERENT.
I have done those cleanses, not the crazy ass only drink maple syrup and lemons etc, but the real ones, cut all all the "bad" stuff for a month and guess what I FELT NO DIFFERENT.

You know why? Because I eat healthy all of the time and balanced. People who never eat veggies, but pig out on bread will lose weight when they cut bread out and feel better not because of the bread because of the fact they are now eating veggies.

UGH. I mean, please if you think you really have a problem, go see a doctor, you might but otherwise, please shut up.

Some of the diets in the early 2000s were all about only eat meat and some greens, no fruit and no carrots, no corn, etc.. I mean, how healthy can a diet be that is all protein and no fruit?

So next time your friends are all over social media talking about how evil gluten is. take a deep breath and use your brain for a moment, because the Italians are living a long as time and they aren't afraid of gluten. This fad will pass too, I promise.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

What the F is Wrong w/ People?

I am for equal rights for everyone-that is the first thing I need to say before my rant.
Okay, seriously, what is wrong with people? I don't understand why the Supreme Court has to deal with this crap when the world is having actual problems.
Today on FB a ton of people have been posting complete crap and some good things too.

I cut and pasted this from someone-I honestly don't know it was on a friend of a friend's page and she liked it. So sorry for not giving credit to a well written statement.

Seriously, I don't understand people sometimes. I am so sick of the "crazy" Christians trying to tell everyone else how to live. They need to read the bible they are thumping again, because as far as I can see they haven't a clue what Jesus was talking about.

I could go on and on and on, but I won't..here is the post.

Against gay marriage? Then don't marry someone of the same sex. If you're truly worried about the sanctity of marriage based on Christian values, remember Solomon and his many wives (so many that he could go years without sleeping with the same one twice), or the verse that tells you if your brother dies, you're to marry his wife (even if you're already married) and attempt to get her pregnant immediately. Remember Jacob, who married one sister but ended up sleeping with and keeping all of Laban's daughters on his wedding night. Lest we forget my favorite Christian edict regarding marriage, IF you rape a virgin, you must pay her father 50 shekels of silver and marry her and you may NEVER divorce her. The fact that rape is condoned boggles my mind. You sure don't see THAT verse on any Prop 8 or DOMA supporter's sign. If you want to call it "traditional family values" then go back to the original "traditional family" where men were allowed to sell their daughters or beat and/or kill their wife (or wives) and children and where divorce was a sin. You don't get to pick and choose your Bible verses to defend your point(s) and ignore any that don't jive with your version of a traditional marriage. I'm pretty sure Kim Kardashian's marriage (and I use the term loosely) wouldn't have qualified as traditional either but you don't see anyone holding up misspelled signs saying "God Hates Attention Whores" or "Popularity Addicted Airheads Burn in Hell" while attempting to ban her wedding. Point is, if two women or two men getting married has ANY impact on your marriage at all, then you have better things to worry about.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Where Were You?

So I had surgery on Friday, not a huge deal but I had to stay in bed for three days. Now before this surgery a few of my friends were like, "if you need anything, lemme know, food whatever." They all were no where to be found and I spent the weekend alone, without eating much and I couldn't walk. I don't understand why people offer and then don't follow through. I am really hurt-physically because I just had surgery and mentally because I was counting on people who blew me off when I needed help. Thank God for take-away and credit cards or I would have been starving too.
People suck, just sayin'