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To My Father

My father is dying. I am really sad, but also it will be the end to his suffering. Almost 6 years ago he suffered a massive heart attack and brain damage, but being the strong man I remember him as he survived. He now lives in a nursing home in New England because he needs constant 24/7 care. Today they called me and told me that my 220 lb strong father now weighs less than I do and he can't stand on his own. He can no longer swallow. He needs help going to the bathroom and the end is very near.
His body has been slowly letting go for years as his mind has been the mind of a child-sometimes there and sometimes not.
Dementia is what it is called, and every time I have spoken with him has been hard. There have been days when he didn't know who I was and days when he did, or a couple years ago I called him on my birthday and he said, "It's your birthday, no shit my daughter Stephie is turning 8 today." Sometimes I can't understand him at all.

I am tortured by the…

God Bless the Christians-UGH

I have nothing against any religion and respect others in their beliefs, whatever, it's their thing and if it makes them happy and they aren't hurting anyone then okay. BUT, for me it is ALWAYS so called Christians that have done the worst things.
Recently my dog died and only my CHRISTIAN friends (so-called friends) have treated me terribly because of it. My Catholic, Buddhist, Mormons, Hindu, Atheists, spiritual but not religious, and Scientologist friends have been wonderful, supportive, caring and just awesome. But those "Christians" well let the judgement begin and I have been judged, deleted, defriended (real life and FB) and beat down because I was and still am sad at losing my doggie.
Two people cut me off because I wasn't happy he died and a couple others said that because I didn't believe in heaven the way they did, they were gone.
Today a Christian friend sent me an email basically ending our friendship because I didn't work around her schedule t…

Things I Don't Understand: Part One

Things I don't always understand: Part One
Loud and obnoxious people who live in apartments!

Why do people stand outside their apartment on the balcony yelling at the top of their lungs? Do they think that the rest of us, who live in their complex, can't hear them? Do they thing that since they are outside they aren't making noise?
People who get 60+ inch television sets and insist on using surround sound in an apartment.
People who stand outside of apartments and yell to each other. I mean, honestly, do you not think that everyone can hear you?
I don't and never will understand this kind of behavior, but it's like these people just have no consideration for anyone and I am lucky enough to live by tons of them!

Credit Card Shuffle!

No this isn't a new dance craze-wow-I bet most you don't even know what a shuffle is-I'm so old. Okay, not really, well yes really in a way, but I am still living like in college.
You know what I mean? If you are a writer, artist, actress, anything creative, you know. I am perpetually skint-and you know, it's a challenge and I enjoy finding creative ways to stretch my money.
One way is the credit card shuffle. You pay your minimuns, then you pay you other bills with your credit cards that you just paid, so really it's like you are only paying one bill. I know this isn't responsible, but whatever Suze Orman, I don't have money coming out my arse, and sometimes I have to do what I have to do and this buys me time.
Try it, if you are squeezed for cash and trust me, it will help.
Another thing you can do is use one card to pay another and or balance transfer them. You still have the same debt, but it feels better and somehow it helps your credit.
If you are reading…

Things I Wouldn't Do: Part One

I would do Jack Davenport, but I would not....

I would never jump out of a completely good plane. I mean there you are 12,000 feet up in the comfort of an airplane soaring through the air and then you open the door and jump out with fabric tied to you with string and plunge to the ground? Are you CRAZY? To this I quote the guy at the door to te Emerald City in the Wizard of Oz, "NO WAY, NO HOW!"

I will climb up and down a mountain with a rope. I will kite surf in the San Francisco Bay with the Great Whites lurking below. I will even bungee-but I will not jump out of a perfectly good airplane.
Put it this way, I wouldn't jump out of one going down either. That thing could be in flames and I would still take my chances. It just isn't natural.
That said, good for all of you for doing it, but I wouldn't, EVER. Not even if Gabriel Mann, Leonardo DiCaprio, Jack Davenport, Tom Cruise and Ryna Gosling were all waiting for me on the ground.
Just sayin'
*photo is of…

Gen Y-Y Are You Such a CrY BabY?

It's amazing to me how spoiled some people are-complaining about their animation job isn't perfect or they have to work over 40 hours from time to time-there are tons of us who are always in and of work who would switch with these babies in a NY minute.
We are in a recession and tons of people are desperate for work and so many of my friends who are 30 and under are always complaining because they either don't have the perfect job-even though their jobs pays close to 6 figures and I would love to switch and to be honest am a little offended they have a job in a career that I have 17 years of experience in and I don't, but you don't hear me complaining all day long.
Or I have other friends that actually have to work at their jobs and they are always complaining. It's like the next generation is all about the crYing.
Generation Y is the CrY babY generation.
Y can't I get everything I want without even trying? Y can't I get things handed to me? Y do I have to …

Well Said Anne

I Lost Finnegan to Westie Lung Disease 4 Weeks Ago

Finnegan was one of a kind. I got him when he was just 8 weeks old, but held him at 1 day and again at 5.5 weeks. He was my everything. I was closer to him than I have been to any human. We shared a special bond. He moved with me countless times and we always were together. I loved walking with him and spending time with him every single day. Whenever I had to be separated, for a short trip, or anything, I missed him every second. We played together at least once a day and I always told him how much I loved him. I loved his little "terrier" stink and I loved how he would run around after a bath. He used to steal my pillows and commandeer the entire bed even though he was small. He loved to watch TV and hated Alec Baldwin and Kiefer Sutherland. His personality was big and he was always happy. A true best friend and he will be missed forever.

Valentine's Day-Ridiculous Day

I don't understand people who celebrate this ridiculous holiday and I don't understand people who are sad because of it-seriously.I mean, if you are in a relationship and either one of you needs to be told to be romantic then you need to think about that relationship. If you are not in a relationship and are moping around because some commercial holiday makes you feel like a loser than you need to re-evaluate the way you think about yourself. It's beyond ridiculous to put so much weight and pressure on this day. I for one have never been a fan, even when in a serious relationship. Romance is actually knowing a person and knowing what they like and being spontaneous not running out to the store and buying candy and flowers because the calendar says you should. People who propose on Valentine's Day? The only thing worse-proposing on New Year's Eve. Sorry folks, but I want my love to be real and not dictated by Hallmark. Just sayin'

Pet Peeves

Just like when people constantly post "Om Nom Nom Nom" I can't stand "Nuff said" Are you too lazy to say the word enough? Or do you think you're being clever? It's annoying, not original and just plain ignorant-nuff said.

Enough of These Posts

Okay, maybe I am a little less tolerant because I am still so destroyed from losing my dog on the 18th of Jan-I'll will take that in consideration when I start this mini-rant.
Why do you people insist on posting certain things on Facebook? Now I have to either unfriend you and or unsubscribe and then we might as well not be FB friends. Seriously. Stop posting this shit.
1. Photos of abused animals. Enough already! They are hard to look at and I can't save them all. Stop it.
2. Photos and posts about dogs being put down in the next such and such hours-really? Why??? Stop it!
3. Your political BS-enough is enough. Start a blog.
4. Naked photos of anyone good looking or not-really? Are you in the 4th grade?
5. Anything gross or nasty like spiders, or rotten anything-if you think it's disgusting-we probably do as well.
I am just sayin' Facebook is not a forum and it's really awful to log in and see some of these things.

Westie Foundation of America IPF Study

The Westie Foundation is amazing! I wish I had known about this study when my little dog two weeks ago-I would have asked the vet to collect and send DNA samples. Westie Lung Disease is awful and I am so sad that I lost my little man to it so suddenly. I hope they make advances and spare other little doggies from not being able to breathe.