Monday, May 31, 2010

Be Back Soon! WRITING

Like Carrie, I have been sitting at my desk writing, writing, writing, writing! and then there were shoes! LOL. Really been swamped, thanks for checking back in. More blogs and my review of Sex & The City 2 coming up!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

This Is Not A Health Drink!

Today Yahoo News is featuring more of their "Eat this not that" lists, and usually it is so painfully obvious to anyone with a brain, that I can't even believe people still eat this crap-especially that they think it is healthy. Here are some examples from Men's Health.

Worst Frozen Fruit Drink

Krispy Kreme Lemon Sherbet Chiller (20 fl oz)
980 calories
40 g fat (36 g saturated)
115 g sugars (29 teaspoons of the stuff!)

Sugar Equivalent: 16 medium-size chocolate eclairs

Imagine taking a regular can of soda, pouring in 18 extra teaspoons of sugar, and then swirling in half a cup of heavy cream!

Now if Krispy Kreme is in the title, how could anyone think this crap is healthy? Really people? Use your brain!

Worst “Health” Drink in America
Smoothie King Peanut Power Plus Grape (large, 40 fl oz)
1,498 calories
44 g fat (8 g saturated)
214 g sugars (a mind-blowing 54 teaspoons' worth!)

Sugar Equivalent: 20 Reese's Peanut Butter Cups!

I don't know what a "Smoothie King" is, but the name just sounds like a heart attack waiting to happen!

It is like people that suck down 2-3 bottles of vitamin water at 100 calories per serving every day and wonder why they're chubby! Hrm? I wonder.

Lemme let you in on some clues and not secrets that most of America doesn't seem to know!

Eating fast food of any kind is NOT healthy! No, having only one piece of KFC or one Whopper does NOT mean you are eating healthy.

Soda is NOT healthy, never, ever. Stop drinking that crap, it'll kill you.

Having deep fried vegetables does NOT mean you are eating your vegetables.

Eating any kind of smoothie at a place like Krispy Kreme, and or McDonald's, any place you can drive through is NOT healthy.

Ordering vegetables with your dinner, but pushing them to the side, does NOT count as eating them.

Bacon is not it's own food group, and is NOT healthy.

I mean, really people, do you not know anything?

It amazes me that people are now making millions of dollars telling people what not to eat! Why didn't I think of this years ago?

Oh because I figured most people have common sense.

Monday, May 24, 2010

LOST! Did You Enjoy The Ride?

LOST & some of my thoughts on the series finale!

Wow! Everyone and their dog are talking about LOST today. People are even arguing the ending-just like Lord of The Rings and or Harry Potter. At the end of the day does it really matter if they were in a sideways world or purgatory? The point was that they couldn't move on until they worked through their own bullshit, some took longer than others.

If you go back to season one when Damon, er. . . I mean Boone, gets killed, it makes sense because he was the most mentally adjusted character thus far.

Locke needed to walk, he needed to go on that walk-about, so his after life, sideways life, or purgatory would definitely be being the strongest person on the island. He needed that to move on.

Got an issue? Here's a tissue! Jack Shepard!

Jack had more issues than most shrinks see in their lifetime, but the biggest issue he had was his relationship with his father. He had to work on that in order to move on. If you look at the relationship he had with his father and you look at the relationship he had with Locke, there it is, perfectly mirrored. Locke never approved of what Jack was doing and it made Jack feel helpless and not in control, even though he knew he could have been. Locke caused a riff between Jack and the other passengers. His relationship with Kate was his working through his wife and her death. He couldn't connect completely with anyone. He was his own worst enemy when it came to having intimacy.

That is just how I see it, you may see it differently and that is fine! We all went on the same ride and have different experiences depending on our own lives!

I have read this and that about the finale, the episodes leading up to it, and what the writers intended, but to me they were stuck sort of in the middle and what happened on the island did happen to them, but they all had different experiences. I just want to know what Richard did that got him stuck for so long!

It is a bit like Alice In Wonderland-it didn't happen, but it did, so we believe it and got sucked in. The Wizard of Oz was Dorothy working through her childish issues of wanting to run away, but when that ended, the world wasn't complaining. We still watch that film over and over, even though we know it wasn't real.

Now when I die if I end up in purgatory I will happily work though my issues with both Jack and Sawyer in love with me! Not sure why Kate got so lucky, she seemed like someone with a lot of problems, but hey that was her afterlife, inner life, sideways, purgatory or whatever and I believe she chose Jack at the end, yay!

I thought it was a little bit of a let down, in some ways, but in other ways I LOVED IT. It made seasons 3, 4 and most of 5 worth it. For the most part, I enjoyed the ride for the last 6 years, why not? Everyone wonders what happens when you die, this is as good of a solution as any, especially a violent death like your plane ripping in half over the pacific ocean.

So I guess whatever you think happened: they all died in the crash, they were in purgatory, they were in a sideways world, etc. The question is: did you enjoy the ride?

I did!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Books? or Shoes?

Who says that smart girls can't love shoes as well? You know the stereotype we all have about girls that read? They can't be too concerned with looks as they always have their heads in a book! This is so not true!

I love to read. In fact I hardly ever leave the house without at least two books in hand. I like to have one classic and one fun, bouncy chick-lit just in case. Sometimes I am in the mood for Ludlum, Clancy or even Stephen King-so I carry books with me. Now since Nook, I always have something to read without the bulk of books in my bag, but that doesn't mean my wardrobe is suffering. In fact, it means I can carry smaller, cuter purses and bags! (I think B&N should know they are helping us fashionista readers look better.)
I love shoes. I do. I am not sure when the addiction began, but I love them. Nothing makes me feel better than putting on a gorgeous pair of shoes! I can sort of blame Carrie Bradshaw-who is a fictional character from Candice Bushnell's novel turned super-mega-TV & Film sensation-Sex & the City. Or maybe it is just my own good taste that drives me to buy, but I love shoes.

I think I spend about the same on books as I do shoes and probably should buy stock in Barnes & Noble, because let's face it, I keep that place in business!

In any case, I am just saying-us smart girls who love to get lost in a book are also fabulous fashion divas on the side!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Degrees to Get Your Hired? Don't You Want More?

"Life's a gift and I don't intend on wasting it."

I keep seeing these ads on my Yahoo and Hotmail pages that are linked to articles; Get a Degree That Will Get You Hired-1o jobs that need people now. . .blah blah blah. They are all the same.

Here is my question to you. Don't you want more out of life than just being hired? What is wrong in the world today that just having a job is enough? I have been out of work many times since I choose to work in a creative, unsteady-you'll always be poor-it isn't a real job-career, so I understand the need for work, anything that will get you by. But to set the goal to just have a job that you won't lose? That makes me sad.

In fact this is the most depressing thing I have read all year. It is asking us to settle for something less than extraordinary and why would we do that?

Do you want to work your whole life in a job you hate and on your death bed have nothing but 40 years of misery behind you? I mean, isn't your life worth more than that?

I have this friend who always plays it safe, in fact her big "risking" it question is whether or not to stop working overtime at her job, and it makes me so sad because this person is an artist. She came out to California to be an artist but it was so beat into their head that she must have a steady reliable job that she has given up on her dream. She also is always reminding everyone that she owns property and has a real job. Especially me, who works and gets paid to draw. Yeah, I don't own property, but I do own my life and I'm not working 9-5 at a job I don't love just to get a paycheck.

I am not saying there is anything wrong with being responsible, but to give up on what you want, just to get a paycheck? That is depressing.

My father used to say, "Work is a necessary evil" because he hated to work. I once asked him what he loved to do, and he said, "Hunt and fish, hike in the woods". I then asked him, "What if you could be paid to do that?" My point is, I LOVE what I do for a living. I wouldn't change it for anything, especially not just a paycheck.

People work their whole lives and save for retirement so they have time to do what I do for a living. Yes it is unstable, but it is also exciting. I never know where I am going to be working, or where I will be living, and it is that which keeps me young, vibrant and creative.

Would I like a steady paycheck? Sure, but it has to be doing something I love, because life is short and I don't want to have regrets. When my mother left my father I learned that I should never stay in a relationship that is just mediocre. Anybody can get married, but to be married to someone you love and are happy with is a different story-but I digress. When she was dying she regretted giving up her painting for steady work. She still worked as an artist, but she had a commercial art job and she lost herself in that. A few months before she died she told me that she couldn't believe that she stopped painting, and "screw it", she was going to go back to that. Unfortunately she died before she could make the change.

Whenever I am stressed out about money, I remember that and I ask myself, "If I am on my death bed tomorrow, will I have regrets about my career?" The answer is no.

I have gotten a lot of slack from family and some friends. "Grow up, get a real job, you don't have a real career, that little writing thing you do" etc., etc.. I have heard it all.

I don't want to grow up. Being a kid was great. Do you remember laughing so hard your side hurt? Do you remember running around like nothing mattered? Do you remember dreaming about the future? Why are people so intent on forgetting that part of our lives?

I am responsible, I pay my bills, I pay my taxes, I donate time and money to the community, I am an adult, but I don't have a boring job that is reliable, because I want to enjoy my time on this planet.

So next time you see one of those articles and if you are out of work and are thinking about it, really ask yourself if you want to settle?

In Titanic Rose's mother asks Jack if he finds his "meaningless existence" acceptable and he says this:

"Well, yes, ma'am, I do... I mean, I got everything I need right here with me. I got air in my lungs, a few blank sheets of paper. I mean, I love waking up in the morning not knowing what's gonna happen or, who I'm gonna meet, where I'm gonna wind up. Just the other night I was sleeping under a bridge and now here I am on the grandest ship in the world having champagne with you fine people. I figure life's a gift and I don't intend on wasting it. You don't know what hand you're gonna get dealt next. You learn to take life as it comes at you... to make each day count."

I would rather be Jack than Cal.

Jack dies knowing he was always happy. Cal kills himself when he loses his money because having money was all he knew. Can you imagine that? It's just money and you can't take it with you.

Just sayin'

Thursday, May 13, 2010

OUCH! My Tire!

OUCH!!! I was driving down the 210 when all of a sudden I accidentally ran over this huge nail and POW!

Thankfully my owner knew how to get me to safety and no one was hurt. I love her so much, she always takes good care of me.

I am all better now, resting with two new tires-because my mechanic didn't want me to be unbalanced and wobbly when driving.

It hurt and it scared me~ I wish people would be more careful with the crap they leave on the roads.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Perfect Los Angeles Lunch!

Welcome to Los Angeles and if you don't know by now, two of the hottest rages around town are: juicing greens and cupcakes!

I am starting to feel like a real Angeleno - it's only been a decade - I had a healthy, and yummy, Kale, Mustard Green, Spinach, Celery, Cucumber, & Apple juice, went for an hour hike in 85 degree weather and then enjoyed a yummy carrot cupcake when I returned home.

The cupcake is totally healthy-Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Icing. In other words, Carrots and Cheese. Vegetable and Dairy.

After working over 100 hours last week, my eyes have been a little sore, so the carrot is purely for my eyes. I didn't enjoy it at all! (So not true) and the Cheese-well that is just smart-calcium-hello?

If I was in New York, I probably would have had a bagel with schmear - Oh. My. God. That actually sounds better than a juice drink- and a pastrami sandwich when I returned from Central Park in stead of Runyon Canyon, and it would be 50 degrees, not 80. . .Wait a minute! (Totaly kidding-sort of-oh how I miss New York). LOL...Not that there is anything wrong with that, but this is a real Californian lunch. Now I just have to "light up", do some yoga and wear stilettos everywhere and I will be a true Californian-almost native-that would be wicked cool! LOL

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Oh My Gravy!

I have been watching the Amazing Race for 16 seasons and never have I cared so much about the end result as this season.

Jet & Cord are the epitome of gentlemen. They were always kind, always friendly, and they had a great time. It was obvious. I like to think I would be that way, but hey let's be honest here. Traveling, racing around the world, tensions get heated. One million dollars at stake, I may not be, and before you judge, you may not either.

I am a city girl through and through, but I fell in love with these two cowboys! I hope someone offers them a reality show or something. They are truly AMAZING!~

The brothers that actually won were mean spirited, awful guys. Yes it was Dan's dream and that is all find and good until you sink to lower than low levels to move up. They were rude to most of their cab drivers, they were rude to people in the streets, the were rude to contestants, they were rude behind people's backs, and played downright dirty. The only team who behaved worse than them, was the lesbian couple, who continued to bitch at Caite (the not-so-bright model) at the very end.

I was sad to see such a pair of jerks win a million dollars so all I can really say is

"Oh My Gravy!" We love you Jet & Cord! Great race!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

iPad is a Computer! Nook is a Reader!

Okay I am probably going to get a slue of nasty emails from the Apple addicts out there, but facts are facts. While the iPad may be a great computer for travel, it is still that, a computer! NOT a reader.

I have no issue with Apple and think if I traveled a lot for work, I would definitely have an iPad, but I already have a Macbook, so what in the world would posses me to get another computer? Mine is small and not much bigger than the iPad and has the added bonus of having a top-hence the word-laptop-and so it is protected. Yes an iPad would be easier at the airport. Okay, I get it.

But for a reader? It is NOT a reader. Yes it does have a reader function available, but it is not a reader. It is still a computer with a back light. Here is what was said about it in PC World:

"iPad as E-Reader: Glaring Problems, Promising Apps

With its reflective display and heavy chassis, the iPad is far from ideal for serious reading:

"The iPad's free iBooks and the Kindle App downloads offer some compelling options for e-book enjoyment, to be sure. But the device's horrifically glare-prone screen and weighty industrial design serve to underscore the benefits of dedicated E-Ink devices.

Oww, My Eyes!

Since picking up my Amazon Kindle a couple of years ago, I've longed for a color e-reader that could do justice to photos, charts, and illustrations. And as expected, the iPad's 9.7-inch IPS LED display doesn't disappoint on that front. Color imagery looks beautiful on the page. Unfortunately, the touch screen is so highly reflective that it kicks up a vicious glare in a well-lit room, and practically doubles as a mirror in full sunlight. As much as I love gazing at my own handsome mug, I'm quite sure I didn't need to spend $499 for the privilege. In low light, on the other hand, the iPad screen looks gorgeous, offering a clear, backlit view of the page that's easy on the eyes from a wide range of angles."

Low light, back light-still a computer folks. Say what you want but this device is a computer and a big one at that.

Last weekend I went and bought a Nook from Barnes & Noble because I wanted something small, affordable, easy to use and basically so I didn't have to carry around two books at all times in my bag/purse.

Yes I am one of those people that always has to have a book with me, but I am usually not sure what mood I will be in. Sometimes I want a classic and sometimes I want pure fun chick-lit. Sometimes Robert Ludlum is the way to go, or a good lawyer story, or just a sappy-Oprah Book Club book. The Nook was invented for people like me! I already have over 20 titles.

Here is another factor in why I chose the Nook over the iPad and the Kindle-the size, look how small it is? It fits in 90% of my purses. The iPad would not.

I keep getting Apple crazies (sorry, I love Macs, but you know who you are) that keep posting on my pages:

"You should have gotten an iPad"

Yet, they can't give me ONE reason why. It is like people that like Sarah Palin or Avatar-they are all upset and telling me that I should agree, but can't give even a single reason why. But I digress.

Someone even said, "Why have a reader, when you can have so much more?" Because I only wanted a reader. I already have two computers and a phone that does everything, do I really need another one? And to be fair to the Nook-web browsing is available and while it may not have all the fancy Mac apps that iPad has, I don't need it to. To me that is like telling someone who just bought a Harley or Honda motorcycle- "You should have bought an airplane-why have a bike and be stuck on the road when you could fly and have so much more?" Really people?

It is so annoying that some Apple people just follow everything Steve Jobs does without any research and make stupid comments and then they can't even back them up.

The Nook is $259 + the warranty $69, is 5 x 7, no back light, 1500 titles to choose from (and you can load your own eBooks onto it, and SCRIPTS as well (PDF), free wireless, free Fridays, free reading in Barnes & Noble.

The iPad starts at $499, is what 9.5 x 11? Something gigantic like that, the warranty is over $100, it has a back light and a glare-why? Because it is a computer!

I am just sayin'! If you want a great and affordable reader-the Nook is the way to go.

This was posted by a girl on the Nook FB page to another girl asking what is better Nook, Kindle or iPad:

"I have a friend that has both iPad & kindle, says iPad is nice but it's just a giant iTouch, his kindle is easier on his eyes, reading on iPad no different than reading on a computer. Also says it's too heavy for long periods of time reading. iPad isn't really a comparison to eReaders. The better comparison would be nook to kindle and iPad to netbook or laptop. "

*I chose Nook over Kindle for size and price, but the Kindle would be my next choice for a reader over iPad*

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

No Better Than the Nazis!

Why do we kill spider? Because we are afraid. We are afraid of spider because of the way spider looks. Spider has never done anything to us personally, and usually spider minds his, or her own business; and yet we want all spiders gone! We want to kill spider and we don't ever want to see spider again.

We justify this brutal murder with the, "but I am afraid of spiders" so it is okay to kill them.

Hrm? 70 years ago the Germans were afraid of the Jews and didn't like they way they looked. They referred to them as ugly, worthless, rats or insects to be squashed.

So what makes what we do any better?

Poor spider just living his/her life and one day here comes man and man decides that he doesn't like spider so he kills him and all of spider's friends too.

We need to take a step back and learn from our past, killing someone because they are different is wrong. We visit Holocaust museums and weep when Shindler's List is on, but yet we are no better.
Next time you see spider and think about killing him, ask yourself, are you any better than a Nazi?