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Artwork Stolen!

Update on this-there is no real update. The girl running this company is lying and not resolving it-paying for right of us of this image. It's a shame, but looks like I will be going to suit on it. I share her company with you not to hurt her, but because this kind of business practice needs to stop and I want people to be aware of what she is doing. The halo wasn't even hers either. In any case, it will probably be awhile before there is resolve.
This is the graphic design company who stole my drawing and passed it off as theirs.

If you read my other blog you know about this. Last week I found out that an image of mine was being used in a logo. Turns out a graphic design company

in Australia stole my image from a blog post I did last year April 17, 2013 and passed it off as her own work. I contacted her this past weekend and at first she admitted they were similar, then denied it and finally lied and said she used a third party. She is not pa…

Update April 7th!

Hey everyone, so I have been in B School and MATS and Children's Book Academy and going through Danielle LaPorte's Desire Map and today I signed up for one more thing-Right Brained Business.
I know I am a bit crazy, but my life needs to change and I am the only one who can do it.

I have a new newsletter I'd love for you to sign up.. actually I have two. Please swing by my website to sign up now!

I will be more active in about 4 weeks, when most of these classes are finished. Have a super day!