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Seattle Doesn’t Get That Much Rain

I pulled this from an article I just read.

I found out that Seattle doesn’t really get that much rain compared to most U.S. cities. In fact, Seattle ranks 44th among major U.S. cities in average annual rainfall, getting approximately 38 inches annually. Cities that get more rainfall than Seattle include such as Houston Texas (48 inches), New Orleans (60 inches), Mobile AL (65 inches), Memphis (52 inches), Nashville (48 inches), and pretty much every major city on the eastern seaboard, such as New York (43 inches), Philadelphia (41 inches), Miami (58 inches), and Boston (44 inches)

Here is the thing about Seattle. The weather is perfect. I lived there and while it does rain more than Los Angeles, it is not a rainy place, not like New York, or Vermont where I swear unless it is snowing it is raining. Pissing down rain actually. In Seattle when it rains, it clears up and sunshine is there. So why not call it the sunshine state? Oh cuz Florida-which actually has more rain than Seatt…

More on FB Privacy

So here is a follow up article about the privacy issue with FB applications. I could never understand why anyone wanted a farm or be in a mafia war in the first place, but to each his own.

This quote is just funny to me and I know that if and when I meet Zuckerberg in person, this is exactly why we will get along famously. He isn't trying to be a dick-but the truth hurts.

"Mark Zuckerberg, the company's chief executive, apologized to users, saying that some of the site's privacy settings had become too complicated for the average user to understand."

This said, I have never had an issue with the privacy settings...just sayin'; it ain't rocket science.

Facebook Acknowledges Privacy Issue With Applications

The New York Times

MIGUEL HELFT, On Monday October 18, 2010, 12:16 pm EDT

Facebook said on Monday that it was talking to application developers about how they handle some personal data, after a report said some applications had been improperly sharing the data …

Don't Blame Zuckerberg For Your Own Security Issues

I don't understand people...and warning, this entry will probably offend some of you, but don't get mad at me, or Zuckerberg, just fix your privacy issues and move on.

It blows me away that people give out their personal info on FB and then get pissed off at Zuck about it. I mean, use your brain people. When the app asks you if you will allow it to access everything including your first born isn't that a clue NOT to use it? As well, if you have your address, phone number, full birthday, are at risk. Don't blame the creator for your own stupidity.

I mean really. I see more and more people complaining about Mark Zuckerberg for invading their privacy when in reality they are the ones putting the info up there.

It isn't really that hard. Back in the day before Social Networking, did you sign each email with your name, address, location, phone number, names of your kids, your dog and what you were eating? No of course not.

Did you put all than on letters before ema…

Marcus Brewer Killing Us Softy~Tony Stonem Not So Softly

So in real life the dork that is Marcus Brewer ~ About a Boy (2002)
would never grow up to be Tony Stonem ~ Skins (2007)

Nicholas Hoult has transformed.

This kid, I say kid, even though in the UK and across Europe he has become a sex symbol-a concept that is still weird to me, because he will always be Marcus Brewer "shake your ass" dork,
this kid has grown up to be a really good looking young man and he is a terrific actor.

I saw him in The Weatherman in 2005 and Nicolas Cage played his father-yeah right, Tom Cruise could be, but sorry Cage, no way. In any case, he had some pretty dramatic scenes in that film and did a great job. Now I see him in Skins and it is very weird to see his character play such a wanker. That said, he is a great actor. He has been given some amazing scenes and just like in About a Boy, he delivers.

He was also in A Single Man, which I haven't seen yet, I believe this guy is someone to watch closely. I am sure he will go far.

I would love to write so…

Please Use Facebook Responsibly

This article came out today and it makes me wonder why people can't use anything responsibly? I mean really? I can only say, if you are on Facebook-and the whole world is-don't be a douchebag. If I end up in your group, I will probably "leave the group" and drop you as a friend. Already it's crazy to get a gazillion group invites, and now people can just add people? That's fine. I have no problems with Faecbook itself, but it's the wankers that don't use it properly and cause trouble....So please use it responsibly. It is awesome, we all love it.
Here is the article. I think you will find it interesting~

Facebook's New Groups Feature Worries Some Robert McMillan Robert Mcmillan – Fri Oct 8, 4:00 am ET This week's overhaul of Facebook groups quickly led to an outcry over the way the service works, but the bigger lesson may be simply this: Be careful who you befriend. The problems started on Thursday, the day after Facebook…

We Could All Learn From Michael Costello

I love Project Runway. I have watched it from the beginning and always enjoy the fashion and creativity of it. This season immediately I liked several people, and Micheal Costello (Michael C - as everyone calls him) was one of them. I loved his personality and I loved how he handled some truly awful situations that happened to him by some of the others.

I friended him on Facebook (thank you Mark Zuckerberg!! Love Facebook) and I noticed under his favorite quotes he has this:

"love your life and make the most of it! be straight forward!!! and dont care what any one thinks!!! put your passions first!!! and if they really love you they can wait!!!! that goes for anything and every one!!! remember to be a good role model for your kids..
and treat people like you would want to be treated!!!!"

This is so Michael, and I respect him so much for showing the world how to handle difficult people and be outstanding, respectful and most of all "classy".

Someday I will wear one o…

Hot Chocolate Kind of Day

It's raining again in southern California and I LOVE it. So many people complain about the wet and cold, but not me. I welcome this weather with open arms. It gives me energy and I feel charged and ready for anything!
It isn't really cold, more like chilly with temps between 50-65, and a light breeze I find it perfect.
If it was like this every day I would never want to leave.
For those of you that are saying "it's so cold I have to have my heat on" all I can say is this: man up! Seriously, this is not cold and you do not need to have your heat on. I think people like you should spend the winter in Chicago, or Milwaukee, or anywhere in upstate New York, Vermont of New Hamphire...seriously? Heat? Give me a break! I'm just sayin'

Another great thing about chilly wet days, is hot chocolate, it is fun to go outside and go running or something, then come in and warm up with a nice mug of chocolate~

Enjoy the day because this is SoCal and the hot hot hot t…

Is Mark Zuckerberg An Evil Genius?

Is Mark Zuckerberg an evil genius? No way.. he is a geek, a nerd, a Harvard grad who had the billion dollar idea, smarts and passion to make it work. Got this from the New York Times Opinion section.

This is a great article about Mark Zuckerberg-who thanks to Hollywood everyone is talking about even more these days.
I have been fascinated by this young man since I heard about how Facebook started a couple years ago and have read many articles about him because he is like the J. K. Rowling of the internet...fucking brilliant idea-why didn't I think of that? Is what many people are scratching their heads wondering.

Like this article suggests, who knows exactly why it happened? Just like Bill Gates and some others that have been called innovators, some people are just smarter and their ideas work.

Here is the thing. In the film the character of Mark made a statement about chairs, and if one person comes up wit…