Friday, February 28, 2014

I did It! B SCHOOL!! Yay!

Hey everyone, so I did it, I made the leap and joined B School,I am soooo excited. B SCHOOL MARIO FORLEO

Last week I was in bed with my iPad reading FB when suddenly it jumped to 2007 and maybe it was the universe trying to tell me something or the ghost that lives with us, but something made that happen. What did I see?

That NOTHING has changed in 7 years! I am still looking for work, skipping meals, looking for work, starting a job, looking for work...ARRGH!! So I have to change something. I mean, what is missing?

MARKETING! MARKETING! MARKETING! That is what I am lacking. I have no idea how to market myself, my products, my skills and or my art.. so I am skipping rent and going to B School. Don't worry I won't be homeless luckily I have someone in my life who I live with who is paying the rent so I can make this happen, B School will give me the tools I need to change my life and get out of this cycle. 

I love what I do and I am grateful, but I do need a change in the way I am getting by.

I am also taking art classes with Lilla Rogers- Make Art That Sells and a picture book writing course with the Children's Academy-and I joined the CHILDREN'S ILLUSTRATORS .com website.. so I am spending money to make money for the first time in my life.

If you want to help me pay for B School, and or for my 45th birthday next week that would be awesome, but you don't have to of course. I do have a fundraiser up

I am also selling prints and taking birthday money instead of presents, Starbucks etc.. you can paypal me at for prints and or just a birthday dollar or whatever you want. 

Thursday, February 27, 2014

More on B School for Me

videoHey everyone, so in addition to the video----omg I am wearing my hat and sweatshirt--and making videos. LOL. I hope you also find the humor in that. :) I am soooo not L.A. yet-after twenty years.
Anyhow, so look I have been posting everywhere about B School and why I want to go and why I need to go. I also think that many of my artist/creative friends should go too, but I am happy to be one of the firsts and report back-from Paris, Italy, or Hawaii--you get the point-on how it changed my life---okay really if I just pay off the IRS the money I owe, that would be great and knowing that I can pay my bills every month.
I also promised I would post the link to Molly Hann's great Buddha Doodle page. Molly is amazing, if you don't follow her, you should, she has a Buddha Doodle FB page as well. Thanks for reading, watching, not judging and being awesome.
If you want to donate to my tuition, great, Paypal any amount. I mean that, anything to and or you can see my fundly page as well.
I only have one donor on there, but lots of people have ordered prints and sent me Paypal so I have made about 20% of my goal in the last three days.
for people asking what is B school? Here is the link.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Why I Need B School with Marie Forleo CHANGING MY LIFE

Hey everyone, so I made a video see above.. in all my glorious after yoga before Beachbody or gym or whatever I do later-which could be simply walking with Wrigley glory. Meaning in Hollywood terms, not a stitch of make up!

So what is B School and what on earth am I thinking spending the money when I have $8 dollars---yes EIGHT dollars, I have 8 dollars in my bank right now and about 3 bucks in quarters for laundry. LOL.. I laugh, the life of an artiste!! I am living like Jack Dawson, from Titanic---it's sooo much fun.. but you know I would like to have some stability in my life.

 I am not looking to get rich here, rich wouldn't be awful...but you know, I just want to take my life to the next level and I am planning on doing just that.

Seriously, I need to stop saying the following things:
1) I can't afford to.....(whatever) I am sooo sick of hearing me say that I can't go to this conference or take this class or tak a weekend off because I don't have the money. ARRRGH it's annoying.
2) I am broke.....I keep saying it, so it is my truth.. I need to change that.
3) I am looking for work.....I am always looking for the next job because in what I do the jobs are short and sweet and then I am back on the street looking for more...


I started my art career in animation and I LOVE animation and since traditional went away in the early 2000s, so did the need for what I did-clean up, or assistant animation. I did some story jobs and some character design jobs over the last 12 years.. and I have been lucky enough to get clean up jobs from smaller studios. but that is going away.

In 2006 I did my first children's book (I have done 17 now) and I love it, I love what I do, but I am always looking for that new job. This past fall I started doing custom children's books-of clients kids---OMG what a brilliant idea? Right? It's great, people love them, but I am not surviving. I also started selling custom doggie illustrations, same thing-brilliant idea and I am doing okay, I get a few commissions, but not nearly enough. I also have my own characters that I have licensed-doggies so hopefully that will soon bring in money. And I have two little girl characters that I am drawing and want to do more with. Right now I have a children's book I am working on and some prints that I am selling, but I need to do more. I need to take all these things and make it a sustainable business.

This year I am taking chances which means, I have signed up on the children's illustrators site, I am active in the SCBWI, SILA and children's book academy. I am taking Make Art That Sell with Lilla Rogers Studio

I am doing everything I can to take my business to the next level. This is where B school comes in.

Marie Forleo has this amazing online class that with hard work I am sure that I can achieve my goals. I learned about B School from Molly Hann,  Buddha Doodles who I consider a friend, a mentor and one of THEE BEST PEOPLE I have the honor of knowing. I watched Molly via FB change her life. Just last year she was like me, working insane deadlines and loving what she did but looking for a change, then she took B School and her life changed.

I know this will be hard, but I am excited to do it.

I am fundraising, but this post is more about sharing my story. If you want to help me raise money, that would be great. My paypal is just to my email
and or here is my fundly page

Thursday, February 13, 2014


In the spirit of posting happy things, here is a drawing I did this morning of Elsa and Anna! I hope you like it.