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Happy New Year! Happy New Decade!

Happy New Year! Happy New Decade!

Some things that made the last decade fabulous!

2000 ~ I lived in Australia
2001 ~ I belonged to Sports Club L.A.
2002 ~ I worked in Itlay
2003 ~ Published my first novel
2004 ~ Lived in Denmark
2005 ~ Published my second novel
2006 ~ Wrote my 3rd novel
2007 ~ Finished writing my own TV series & published 3rd novel
2008 ~ Wrote on popular TV show
2009 ~ Wrote first screenplay

Cheers to 2010-2020 being even more adventurous, exciting, fabulous and fun~

Four Christmases!

California Christmas~
Shop-a-holic Christmas~
Dog lover Christmas~
Fabulous Girl Christmas!

Hope everyone has a great one~ XOXO


Dear Jimmy, please forgive me.

I was weak, I didn't know what I was doing, I was all confused and even though these aren't as high class, refined, or stylized as you, I fell for them.

They are sexy, gorgeous and they love me. They lured me into taking them home after just a few minutes and I will be honest, I enjoyed it.

We spent the night together and I can't say that I won't do it again. You are just a little be too fancy for me right now and in my life I need a little less pretentiousness and I little more fun, they offered me what I need in this moment.

So I ask for your forgiveness and know that my heart belongs to you, but I just need to do this right now and have some much needed fun before we finally get together and have that long lasting relationship.


I Choose Choos Over Diamonds!

Dear future husband,
please don't waste your money saving up for a big expensive diamond ring. First of all, I hate diamonds and there is no trick here; I am telling you the truth, so please don't ever buy me one.

I have a Claddagh ring which is more special and more meaningful anyhow, and will happily take it from my right hand and transfer it onto my left.

I will however take a pair, or two, or three, of Jimmy Choos! I have always wanted them and you know that I will look awesome wearing them, so really this is a gift for you to enjoy as well as me. Unlike some stupid ring that, let's be honest, some poor kids in Africa probably had to loose a limb so it could be made, and I will most likely take off while I am working, and not even know where it is in a few months. Jimmy Choos will be my diamond ring and I promise to love them, er, I mean, you forever!

XOXO Your fabulous future wife~

I Just Don't Have Time

A few ground rules for dating an aspiring writer, professional writer, and or professional animation artist.

It isn't you, it's me and really it's me. I am so busy I hardly have time to think and honestly don't have time for extra drama. . .oh yeah, this is for my friends as well as potential more than friend types.

1) Just because I never call you back or I text you a week later, does not mean I’m not interested, or care about you, our friendship or more. Really, I'm not that deep. I don’t have time to even consider what kind of signal I’m sending or how you might interpret it. I'm just not sending it because I. Did. Not. Have. Time.

I have this problem all the time and I don't have the time to worry about the game of it all. Guys, I do what I do and I don't worry even for a second about the signal I am sending you, sorry but it is true. Friends, relax, you're my friend, I do care, I am just slammed.

2) I don't have time to hang out, so I will send…

R.I.P. Brittany Murphy

R.I.P. Sweet, young, talented, Brittany.
So sad when we lose someone so young.

I am a bit disturbed by so many people jumping on the Perez Hilton ban-wagon; she was NOT doing recreational drugs.

She did however have an eating disorder and even if she was better now, many people with eating disorders when they are young suffer from heart attacks later in life.

Yo-yo dieting, starving yourself and not getting proper nurtrition are very hard on the heart.

The reports are saying she had "flu like" symptoms for the past few days, for women, these are the symptoms of heart failure.

(John Ridder was feeling tired and worn out just before his heart attack-even though a man, just sayin' the symptoms are not always pain in left arm)

Brittany has been looking too thin of late and even if she thought she was okay, that weight loss most likely put a huge strain on her heart.

I am not stating facts that this is what happened, but it is my speculation and I feel sorry for her and her family.


Closet Stilettos!

Today I am embarking on the great closet re-organize! Of course I need room for my new boys!

That said, when doing this, if I am in old trainers I don't feel as amazing as I do while wearing one of my gorgeous new stilettos, so here I am in my closet, 5 inch heels and a ladder, feeling absolutely fabulous while doing something mundane.

This goes to prove that a great pair of shoes can make the most boring tasks amazing!

I am just sayin'!

Not Jimmy, but I Love Them!

My newest addition~ I have been wearing them all night since they arrived in the prettiest pink box wrapped in purple tissue paper. When I pulled them out, nothing else seemed to matter and when I stepped into them, my whole night brightened up. :0)

I Love You Jimmy Choo!

Dear Jimmy, when I look at you my heart pounds a little faster, my eyes sparkle a little more and the world seems a little happier. When we are together I feel as if I can accomplish anything. You are my true soul mate and I know that we will have a long lasting relationship even if you hurt me from time to time, the pain is just the price of beauty that I am happy to pay because look how gorgeous you are, and how gorgeous I am when we are together.

Kudos to Sheridan!

OMFG!!! GYLLENHAAL!!! *rawr* making him a bad boy just increased his sex appeal, sorry Reese, but women are celebrating all over America this week!
On a serious note and why I am writing this blog:

WOW! To say that I was blown away by this film, by Jim Sheridan would be an understatement. When I first saw the Danish version in 2005, by Susanne Bier I was actually emotionally wrecked for days and even found myself waking up in the middle of the night because of vivid dreams. This remake was also very disturbing, emotional and thought provoking.

Sadly the advertisements for either film didn't do them justice. Yes there is a love triangle there, but there is a deeper story going on, and this film, as well as the Danish one, does a great job of showing another price of war that usually goes unrecognized and never talked about, or at least not in the press.

My father was in WW2 and he wouldn't ever talk about the people he had killed, but when he did it was beyond sad to see him break …

Golden Globe Nominations Complete List 2010

Ladies get out your party dresses and men suit up, it is Golden Globe time again~

The Golden Globes are my favorite of all the award shows for many reasons, the top being that they are fun. You can be relaxed wear something a little more outgoing and enjoy yourself. As well, the temps usually are a lot easier to handle than the Academy Awards later in the spring.

The Golden Globes recognizes both film and television and honestly is the best party in town!

So set the date, January 17th 2010, and here are your nominees!

CONGRATS TO MY FAV DIRECTOR OF ALL TIMES, MARTIN SCORSESE FOR SNAGGING THE CECIL B. DEMILLE!! Love you, love your work, love everything you do! Kisses all around!

Up in the Air scored a leading six nominations for the 57th Annual Golden Globes. Nine was next with five, followed by Avatar and Inglourious Basterds with four.On the TV side, newcomer Glee led all contenders with four nominations, followed by 30 Rock, Damages, Dexter and Big Love, with three apiece.The …

Writer's Helpers!

My new shoes helping me write! :0) Ever since I slipped my feet into these gorgeous, sexy, shiny, shoes I have been feeling happier, more beautiful and that is making me write more. Everyone knows that when someone is happy they get more work done, so in a way, these shoes were definitely needed to help me work on my best selling novel and award winning screenplay. Dress for the job you want is what I always say, and I can see myself on the red carpet in these babies. Meanwhile, I look gooooooood in them at home. :0)

Yes, Of course I Need Them!

What do you mean I don't really need these shoes? Of course I need them. Shoes are a basic human right and I definitely need them, do you see how amazing they are? They are so pretty and I must have them. So what if I primarily work at home; does that mean that I can't look fabulous? And what about all the parties I will be invited to during award season? It is right around the corner. These shoes will look awesome with everything I own. I totally need them. Do you take Visa?

Necessity for Any Hollywood Girl! SHOES!

OMG! I just signed up for a monthly shoe delivery service! How awesome is that? I am so excited! I can not wait! I hate to admit that I love shoes. I really do. I wouldn't say I am as bad as Carrie or Becky *see below photo*, but I definitely love them.
A new pair of shoes can change the way you feel about yourself, your outlook on the world, the day, your job, your boss, your boyfriend and your life. They are here to make us girls feel and look beautiful. What could be better?
I am an artist and a writer and usually work at home, but does that mean I have to be sad and have only comfortable shoes that are unflattering?
Hell no!
Wait for updates on my new shoes! Tis award season after all, so this is really a necessity for any Hollywood girl!

Box Office Frog at $150 Million

"The movie cost a reported $150 million" this is from an article about the Princess and The Frog.

The thing that gets me is that Disney used an ultra small staff here in the Burbank studio, so small in fact that many of us, 100 or more, give or take, weren't even offered positions on the film and rather most of the work was shipped overseas or across the country to small independent studios for the explanation of, "to keep the costs down".

The costs were not kept down at $150 million and that is a shame because they are setting it up to be a box office failure and thus putting the nail into the coffin of 2D films.

The article by Julia Boorstin also said that the reason 2D films weren't making money was this, "hand-drawn animation tends to appeal primarily to kids while Pixar movies draw all ages." I would like to smack her because this is simply not true. Story is what appeals to all ages, and it has nothing to do with the medium.

It makes me sad that…

The Best Worst Christmas Gift!

Have to bring a gift to a random party? How about Chia???? Hahahaha, seriously these have to be the silliest things around and every year in Nov/Dec I start seeing ads for them. It is amazing to me that in an economy where so many products and companies are failing, the Chia pet has survived!
Who wants to buy me one for Christmas?
I am just sayin'! Hilarious!

The Great Bank Debacle!

Here is the update~
The money is in my account. The bank told me that I went in and made the deposit and they "never make mistakes" it was me.

Really? So I printed out the deposit slip, from my computer-side bar here, hello? I can do that and see who actually went in, a concept too smart for the folks at the 888 number, anyhow, so I printed out the slip and saw that some poor woman wrote the wrong account number down.

I just went to the bank, in person, and asked them to correct it. I feel so bad for this woman and I hope she is rich and didn't need her rent check to clear!

In any case, I was honest and hopefully Mrs. Kimm will have her money back soon and the bank will actually train their employees. I mean, really? Telling someone to take the money and run? That makes me nervous on many levels.

Also I have to note that all of the customer service reps I got on the phone were men and today I dealt with woman. I am not one of those men haters (in fact I luuuuuuve men, even wi…

Breaking Up is Hard To Do. . .

Especially when your guy is on TV!

There are many issues to dating a guy/man who is an actor, athlete, public figure, etc. ., the most common being that usually they will cheat on you and you will find out about it in a magazine, news report, or something equally lame like that. As well, many times they aren't doing anything, but since the media and PR hounds are so involved in their lives it is almost impossible to know what the truth is, and you have to be super secure to just ignore it and trust them.

I was dating a film actor back in the 90s and sometimes would open magazines and see him with some other girl with some nasty headline, as well, this guy apparently had many girlfriends, which was fine with me, because it is hard to be serious about someone in the public eye the way this one was, but you know, then the tabloids called etc.

I have also dated guys that are actors, but are only on television and until recently didn't realize why that also sucks.

Here is the thing, I …

Why Are You Teasing Me?

Dear Dunkin' Donuts~ I find it extremely rude that you continue to play your television ads all over the west coast and yet, an east coast gal like myself, can't get an actual DD anywhere!

This is a tease plain and simple!

Stupid Is As Stupid Does at the Bank

Seriously? Seriously! I am still reeling over the stupidity of the customer service reps that work the phones at one of my banks. I checked my balance today and noticed a large sum of money had been deposited in my account.
No I have not had an affair with Tiger Woods and was not expecting a pay out ;0)
I am honest and I called the bank to find out who, when and where this deposit came from.

Idiot number one, let's call him Forrest; "Um well, close your account and take the money, it's money." Then I swear to the baby Jaysus he made a Beavis and or Butthead-esque laugh. After a pause, I demanded to speak to a supervisor in charge. He argued w/ me for a minute and was trying to pronounce a word that I later realized was "electronic"...seriously and no, he was American, English as a first and very slow language. "The bank is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you are going to get!"

Idiot number two, let's call him George; "It isn'…