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My Sports Alliances May Seen Strange. . .

But they aren't. Okay here goes, lemme see if I can explain this.

First of all, I generally hate basketball, but if I had to choose a team I would go with the Knicks because MSG is AWESOME, and any team playing the Lakers. I know I am living in L.A. but growing on on the east coast we were sort of trained from birth to hate them. I can't really love the Celtics because Larry Bird was on for so long and just too ugly to look at.
I had friends from college play on for the Spurs and the Suns, so I'll cheer them on, and who doesn't like the Bulls?

When March madness rolls around. I have to cheer on my old alma mater -the AZ Wildcats! Bear down Arizona and any team playing ASU.

Now for football. I have to be honest and say that I was never a huge Jets or Giants fan. I have always HATED DallASS and I think that is because I grew up watching the Pittsburgh Steelers and fell in love with them when they were badass.

I have always loved them, but am not from Pittsburgh or anything. …

Things I Hate: Part Five

People that drive 10 or more miles UNDER the speed limit on Mulholland-if you're afraid get off the road.

People who constantly put political stuff on FB-enough already

People who constantly put religious crap on FB-not everyone has your crazy belief system


Smelly Oatmeal

& Sarah Palin

Things I Hate: Part Four

People who drive even when they clearly have more important things to do like texting

People who take things too seriously-especially on FB, Twitter or any other social network

People who lie about stupid shit

Getting gum stuck on my shoe


Sarah Palin

Things I Hate: Part Two

When people that know I really hate hot weather continually suggest I move to places like Miami or Hawaii.

When people think that just because they like something that I should as well.

People that are always late.

That people generally don't listen.

When I tell people I like to eat healthy and am vegetarian and they want me to eat at a diner.

When people sing out loud in the movie theater-during the movie.

Smelly farts.


Sarah Palin

Things I Hate: Part One

When people leave food in the sink for days! ~ It's disgusting!

When people can't help out cleaning their own stuff and then I am expected to do it in the middle of my work day.

When people say I don't have a real job because I am an artist.

When friends say they want to hang out with you, then drop you for their work colleagues at a bar.

Smelly farts


Sarah Palin