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Sigh-This Diet Works-Fad Diets

Aren't you getting sick of everyone who has lost a few pounds professing they have found the perfect diet?
I try to be positive all the time, but it's just plain annoying, especially when they push it on you.

I have friends who have switched to super high protein diets, they lose weight and push it on you like it's the best thing since sliced bread-but how would they know that when they don't eat bread. I went on one of these Paleo diets and gained 20 LBS in a month! 20, yes I said TWENTY and I got a kidney infections. Lost of medical research has said this is a dangerous diet, yet people do it. I am convinced the ones who lose weight are the ones that shovel down three lbs of pasta every night and eat donuts and junk food, so of course they will see a difference.
If you did the Hollywood Cookie Diet-and yes this is a real diet-you will see "results" too because it has a low caloric intake.

Or the new gluten free fad-no wheat, no flour, ever! "You'll…

What I Have Been Up To-and New Stuff

So I have been swamped with a million things, mostly new drawing projects. I have been illustrating children's books all summer and I absolutely love it, so that is why I have been away and of course, it's October, which means the ghost is back.

I will catch you all up soon with many things, but here are some new drawings that I have been doing. Excited!

And I opened a new Cafepress shop please stop by and get some Westie and Scottie merch!