Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Things I Hate: Part One

When people leave food in the sink for days! ~ It's disgusting!

When people can't help out cleaning their own stuff and then I am expected to do it in the middle of my work day.

When people say I don't have a real job because I am an artist.

When friends say they want to hang out with you, then drop you for their work colleagues at a bar.

Smelly farts


Sarah Palin


  1. LAMO!!! Also, when people think you don't have a "real" job because you are a stay-at-home-mom!!! Let's see YOU work 24/7/365!! ... But, I do like Sarah Palin--come on, she makes me laugh!!! --don't hate me!!! :-)

  2. I love you, but WHY WHY WHY would anyone in their right mind like that crazy bitch? Seriously? She is stupid, (beyond stupid), closed minded, all for big oil and keeping us dependent on foreign oil, she has NO experience, she is mean and nasty, she tortures animals, she is a liar, and this is just the stuff we know about her! I don't get it. I really don't. Keep in mind I am the liberal who ALWAYS sticks up for G.W., so this is not a Republican thing, it's an evil biatch thing. :0) But you I LOVE!