Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Facebook and Twitter Behavior

So today Nathan Bransford posted a great blog on social media blunders and I had to add to it. Here is the link though. Read it-it's great.
Nathan Bransford.top-5-social-media-blunders-you
Besides the 5 mentioned here, I have a few that I would love to add.

6. Posting a link to everything you just read. Joe Facebook guy just read an article-then I have to go and add an app to see that article-that's a pain in the arse. If the article was that good-just share it on your page.

7. Becoming a news anchor. Posting every big news event that is on the news. Look if its on the news, we've probably already seen in. But okay to be fair, I hate the news so I do get a lot of my news from people posting links, but still would you walk into your work office and say, "a girl off the coast of CA was bit by...." whatever it is? No most likely you wouldn't.

8. Posting photos of abused animals! STOP this. It's really awful and I don't want to see it.

9. Posting about pets who will surely meet their maker if I don't adopt them right now. Again-this is disturbing cut it out.

10. Political rants-ENOUGH Is enough. Would you go into your job and start ranting about this crap?

11. Religious rants and Bible thumping.

12. Photos of nasty stuff-if it's gross to you, it is to us-why share?

13. Posting negative stuff on other's pages and or starting rants on someone else's page.

14. Slamming people-anyone on other people's pages.

15. Telling me what you had to eat every second of the day. Honestly, I just don't care that much.

I am sure there are a lot more, but come on people. Lighten up-a LOT-seriously.

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