Monday, October 28, 2013

Sigh-This Diet Works-Fad Diets

Aren't you getting sick of everyone who has lost a few pounds professing they have found the perfect diet?
I try to be positive all the time, but it's just plain annoying, especially when they push it on you.

I have friends who have switched to super high protein diets, they lose weight and push it on you like it's the best thing since sliced bread-but how would they know that when they don't eat bread. I went on one of these Paleo diets and gained 20 LBS in a month! 20, yes I said TWENTY and I got a kidney infections. Lost of medical research has said this is a dangerous diet, yet people do it. I am convinced the ones who lose weight are the ones that shovel down three lbs of pasta every night and eat donuts and junk food, so of course they will see a difference.
If you did the Hollywood Cookie Diet-and yes this is a real diet-you will see "results" too because it has a low caloric intake.

Or the new gluten free fad-no wheat, no flour, ever! "You'll lose tons of weight!" is the promise. I was gluten free to two months, didn't lose anything and felt the same, except my checkbook because gluten free is expensive if you substitute normal bread and stuff for gluten free. I also got a massive migraine from all the processed crap. You want to go gluten free-just eat veggies and meat/protein.

The thing is, this is simple. Eat less exercise more and you will be healthy. You don't need to starve yourself or go on a juice fast for a month or anything crazy. EAT LESS work out MORE, it's that simple.

I eat a plant based diet with some protein, not tons, but enough.

I have gained weight this summer because I exercised LESS, that's why and I was eating out a lot. Not fast food, but MORE food, so I gained weight. I also had surgery in Jan of 2013-nothing major-well we prevented it from turning into something major and I couldn't work out for a few months, my hormones flipped out thus starting the weight gain. But I am now cutting back the calories and working out more, walking more and it's working.

I think that before people get on Facebook or any social media and push people into these crazy "fad" diets they really need to think about it because people are so desperate to lose weight without doing the work, they will do anything.

I personally believe and have for some time that the Mediterranean Diet is the healthiest. And no that does not mean go to the Olive Garden 6 days a week for all you can eat. That is a myth created by Americans to sell pasta. I lived in Italy and they are NOT fat and they do NOT eat like we see on TV about Italians. The mediterranean diet is a plant based diet with meats, fishes and dairy. It's healthy. If you do your research you will see it's the healthiest diet for long term. Greeks and Italians are outliving all of us, yes even the Japanese-that says something. That said, it may not be for you, but that's my suggestion.

Common sense will also tell you to stop eating crap-no frozen dinners, no fast food, no soda (or cancer in a can as I like to call it), no chips, no microwave anything, and no sweets, (or MUCH LESS). This is really not brain surgery folks. Ignore the fads and please eat responsibly.


  1. What do you think about hcg diet and that stuff in your experience

  2. I don't know, but fads don't work generally.