Thursday, December 26, 2013

Wolf! (Of Wall Street That Is)

So on Christmas my boyfriend and I went to see the Wolf of Wall Street with a huge crowd of people in Hollywood. This morning, the above article was sent to me and I was deleted from someone because she was ashamed of me for liking the film. UGH

Saying that I am supporting this kind of behavior. SIGH.. what is wrong with people. She also sent me a nasty message saying that she refuses to go see the film. I felt like I was being attacked for what? Liking Leo and Marty and their awesome film?

The film does NOT glorify Jordan Belfort's lifestyle, in fact it is so raw and real that you cringe at many of the scenes. It's awful-which means it's a great film. It shows the audience, just like Goodfellas did with Henry Hill that being this type of a human being is disgusting.

So attack someone on FB for liking a really well done film? SIGH SIGH SIGH. People are idiots these days.

The film is good. Martin Scorsese is an amazing director and Leonardo DiCaprio is an amazing actor period. Jordan Belfort? Seems like pond scum to me.

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