Thursday, April 15, 2010

2012 Is 18 Months Away & Yet I Am On Facebook

Okay, really? Really? Seriously? Do you people actually think the world is going to end in about 18 months? The earth is going to flop poles and everything will get thrown into chaos? Do you really and honestly believe this or do you just like torturing the rest of us with such nonsense every other day on your Facebook and Twitter?
If you really and truly believe the world is ending, then I have only one question for you.
What the hell are you doing on Facebook and Twitter when you could be enjoying the rest of your short life?

The truth is, it isn't going to happen, if it does happen it will be thousands of years from now and we won't know about it. Science tells us that the earth will meet it's end someday, but really in just under two years?

Let's just say it was going to happen, then you wouldn't need to worry so much about the health care reform you complain about all the time, or the job market, your retirement-hell take all that money and spend it, the world is ending.

You have a better chance of dying in a plane crash or finding a tumor than dying in December 2012 from the world actually ending.

If the Mayans were so smart, why are they gone? You think they took one look at the future and said, "forget this, we are outta here!"

Yes there are a lot of quakes going on, and storms, and all sorts of shit. There are also toxins in the air, oil spills, cancer, car crashes, going on, you could die at any minute, so instead of telling yourself and all of us that we are all doomed, close your laptop, get off Facebook and enjoy the rest of you life.

This all said, it is fun to goof off and watch bad action flicks, but honestly people.


  1. The Earth won't end, regardless. We might go the way of the dinosaurs, but this planet will keep on going.

    Come to think of it, so probably will Facebook, as I bet that they have a server in a titanium-enforced bunker