Thursday, February 27, 2014

More on B School for Me

videoHey everyone, so in addition to the video----omg I am wearing my hat and sweatshirt--and making videos. LOL. I hope you also find the humor in that. :) I am soooo not L.A. yet-after twenty years.
Anyhow, so look I have been posting everywhere about B School and why I want to go and why I need to go. I also think that many of my artist/creative friends should go too, but I am happy to be one of the firsts and report back-from Paris, Italy, or Hawaii--you get the point-on how it changed my life---okay really if I just pay off the IRS the money I owe, that would be great and knowing that I can pay my bills every month.
I also promised I would post the link to Molly Hann's great Buddha Doodle page. Molly is amazing, if you don't follow her, you should, she has a Buddha Doodle FB page as well. Thanks for reading, watching, not judging and being awesome.
If you want to donate to my tuition, great, Paypal any amount. I mean that, anything to and or you can see my fundly page as well.
I only have one donor on there, but lots of people have ordered prints and sent me Paypal so I have made about 20% of my goal in the last three days.
for people asking what is B school? Here is the link.

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