Friday, February 28, 2014

I did It! B SCHOOL!! Yay!

Hey everyone, so I did it, I made the leap and joined B School,I am soooo excited. B SCHOOL MARIO FORLEO

Last week I was in bed with my iPad reading FB when suddenly it jumped to 2007 and maybe it was the universe trying to tell me something or the ghost that lives with us, but something made that happen. What did I see?

That NOTHING has changed in 7 years! I am still looking for work, skipping meals, looking for work, starting a job, looking for work...ARRGH!! So I have to change something. I mean, what is missing?

MARKETING! MARKETING! MARKETING! That is what I am lacking. I have no idea how to market myself, my products, my skills and or my art.. so I am skipping rent and going to B School. Don't worry I won't be homeless luckily I have someone in my life who I live with who is paying the rent so I can make this happen, B School will give me the tools I need to change my life and get out of this cycle. 

I love what I do and I am grateful, but I do need a change in the way I am getting by.

I am also taking art classes with Lilla Rogers- Make Art That Sells and a picture book writing course with the Children's Academy-and I joined the CHILDREN'S ILLUSTRATORS .com website.. so I am spending money to make money for the first time in my life.

If you want to help me pay for B School, and or for my 45th birthday next week that would be awesome, but you don't have to of course. I do have a fundraiser up

I am also selling prints and taking birthday money instead of presents, Starbucks etc.. you can paypal me at for prints and or just a birthday dollar or whatever you want. 

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