Thursday, May 21, 2009

And Yet, Another NCIS~

Again, is Hollywood really out of ideas? How can this be?

Yes there is another NCIS- Los Angeles. Great, another version of a show set in Los Angeles, that is so not original and it is boring to say the least. Will NCIS (Navel Criminal Investigation Serivce) turn into CSI? You know, New York, Miami, Vegas, blah blah blah. Every night another version of the show is on. BORING. By this right we should have ER:Chicago, ER:New York, ER: Pittsburgh, ER: Los Angeles. I don't really get it. That said, I do enjoy all the CSI shows and NCIS to some extent. They are well written with solid characters, so I will definitely tune in to NCIS: Los Angeles, if not only to see Chris O'Donnell again and L.L. Cool J, who is always fun. CBS will launch NCIS: Los Angeles this fall.

Now another show that I will not be watching that was announced and I had to cringe when reading it is, mun2: The mun2 Hook Up: Celebrity Edition at 7p...a show called "Hook Up" and now there is a Celebrity Edition. Is this for real? Is it just me, or is this just a bit over the top?
I don't even think I need to go into why this isn't on MY list of shows to watch, because the title is self explanatory.

What I don't understand about so called reality television is why people watch it. These shows that are just about people fighting, dating, sleeping around, stabbing each other in the back; just makes no sense to me. My brain just can't understand why this is entertainment for anyone. I really don't get it. Big Brother, The Real Life, The Real Wives of OC. . . .Really?
That said, I am all for shows like; Top Chef, Project Runway, America's Next Top Model, and even American Idol~because these shows actually help people in their career goals. They usually aren't on TV to become discovered as an actor/actress, yet they are working on their craft and geting exposure.

Also, and sorry to break it to those who aren't aware of this, a lot of the "reality" shows are scripted almost 100%, so in fact not really reality at all. When I was working at the Cheesecake Factory about 16 years ago, there was a waiter who worked there who was also on "The Real World Miami" and he was shooting it in L.A...I'm just sayin' and I did make sure to tune it to see if he was actually even on it, he was.

I am really sad that we lost some great shows recently, many of which never got their stride going after the strike and some just for whatever reason just didn't make it. These are some that I miss.

In Memorandum:
What About Brian?
Six Degrees
Pushing Daises
Eli Stone
Dirty Sexy Money

and recently,
Samantha Who?
Without A Trace


  1. "These shows that are just about people fighting, dating, sleeping around, stabbing each other in the back"

    Speaking of which, I miss "Blind Date," they did the best job on contextualizing this as the funky trash that it is.

    "Pushing Daisies" never stood a chance. ABC keeps teasing Barry Sonnenfeld by letting him put shows on that network, then they move them around the schedule or under-promote them.

    "Karen Sisco," "Maximum Bob," and now "Daisies." ABC forgets that a network has to start somewhere and they have to build a following.

  2. Very true and the strike hurt everyone!