Monday, May 25, 2009

Ain't Nobody Got No Class?

I was watching General Hospital the other day and when it ended the Oprah show came on and the subject was "class" during the recession and how people are falling from middle class to low class. It was a bit off the mark in my opinion because her, Oprah, and her expert, were saying that class is determined by money, and a little bit education.

According to her expert if someone doesn't go to school or come from a good family, they can reach high or upper class by making 6 figures, and if someone is well educated, comes from a good family, was making that kind of money and more, then loses his/her job, they become "lower class". Um? Hrmmm, I don't think so.

Because then according to them, Tom Cruise~upper class, Lindsay Lohan~upper class.
I am sorry, as much as I love Tom Cruise, he isn't "upper or high class" he is just a man with tons of money. Class is something you are born with not something you achieve. That is just the way it is.

Money does not bring class. Ever heard the term~"new money"? Those people are the lower class of people that achieve money in their life.

It is sad to say that this means of course, if we are to follow the "old" way of thinking, Paris Hilton is high class, which is depressing.

I always believed that "class" had to do with who you are inside, not how much money you make. You can be classy and still be in "middle class" which is wear most of us fall anyhow, you can be classy and have no money. I go to one of my fav films to show what I mean.
Titanic: Jack Dawson had more class in his little finger than that Cal Hockley would ever have, and Molly Brown was "new money" and the snotty other women~thought of her as low class.

I am just sayin' I think this whole business of class is a bit out of date, but I really think Oprah just wanted the world to know that she is "high class" and she even had an expert to prove it!

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  1. I agree with you wholeheartedly. I was taught growing up that money often does not equal class, as I was witness to plenty shenanigans from rich and poor alike. It used to be that those that came from "old money" would at least comport themselves with a little more dignity, but Paris throws that arguement out the window.