Thursday, May 28, 2009

Targèt Fashion Phenomenon!

So what is it about this shirt that has all the women wearing it? It is super popular and you can't swing a cat in Los Angeles without hitting someone who has this little number on.

I have seen it dressed up, dressed down, with work out clothes, shorts, sweats, skirts, you name it. This is THE shirt to be seen in!

I even saw some top celebs sporting this shirt in Santa Monica, no wonder it isn't on the shelves anymore. All it takes is one shot of someone big and BOOM! Everyone has to have it.

I love that no matter where I go, this shirt is there. Is mine following me? Am I being stalked? Is it like that Seinfeld episode when that one girl had a million of the same outfit, but with a twist? It is a phenomenon that is for sure!

Targèt got it right this time! I love mine. It is comfy, it is gorgeous, it makes a political statement and it was only $9.99! Wow! What a deal!

So please share with me; how many times have you seen this shirt out and about?


  1. I haven't seen this at all, it must be an L.A.-thing or more likely, we are a few months behind.

  2. It must be an L.A. retro-resurge thing. Spot on Angelie, and it is all over the valleys.

    Frankly, if it cheap, it is good.

    Hi, I came in from Cormac.

  3. It must be an L.A. thing then, I didn't see Angelina sporting it, but I did see some woman from CSI: Vegas, Miami, New York~who can keep them straight?~ wearing it, as well, as literally, someone has had it own, at every event I have been to around town! I may just wear it to the Oscars next year! :0)