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From Hulk to Hunk!

Eric Bana has always been regarded as a great actor, and now I can say with full confidence that he has sex appeal as well. Playing the lovable bad boy Huck Cheever in Lucky You with Drew Barrymore, we saw a lighter side to this deep, dark and emotional actor. He was scary as shit as Mark Brandon 'Chopper' Read in the Australian film Chopper, consequently the first thing I saw him in. The Hulk sucked, but not for lack of a great performance by Mr. Bana, whose range is never ending. From Hoot in Black Hawk Down to Avner in Munich, to Hector in Troy, you can always count on a solid performance from this brilliant actor.

In the Time Traveler's Wife he was both lovable and truly sad. His character, Henry has a gene that causes him to involuntarily time travel and he never know when or where it is going to happen. This makes for a tragic character which Bana portrays beautifully. The chemistry between Rachel McAdams and him sparks from the first moment they are on the screen together.

I highly recommend this film for not only did Bana do an excellent job, the story is woven between a Sci-fi exploration of the space-time continuum and a heartfelt love story that will pull you in and make you believe that anything is possible and love conquers all. Bring the tissues!

The book by Audrey Niffenegger has been adapted well in this film directed by Robert Schwentke, (Flighplan and Lie To Me~TV series) but as with most, the book is a bit better if you fancy a good read.

You can see more of Eric Bana in this summer's Funny People with Adam Sandler and Seth Rogan.

Here is a list from Fandango with a list and synopsis of Mr. Bana's brilliant career.


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