Friday, August 27, 2010

You Are Lucky To Have a Job, Now, Shut up!

People that complain all the time about having a job really bug me, especially when they grossly exaggerate the hours they are working-news flash about a million people would switch places with you!

I don't understand this type of behavior. I really don't.

Also the ones that if they work like 30 seconds past their normal leave time-you would think they pulled an 80 hour work week the way they moan and whine.

These same folks are the ones who leave work early, take a long weekend every other week, and generally use any excuse in the book not to work.

It must be really sad to hate your job and your life so much.

I am just sayin'


  1. Couldn't agree with you more on every point you made Steph.

    Used to have this "wonderkid" next to my office at Disney around 2002. He came in around 10:30, slept til noon, then left on a 2 hour lunch. Back for a few in the afternoon and the whole time just complained about everything Disney.

    It took the studio a couple years but they finally granted his wish and layed him off.

  2. Omg! I knew so many people like that at Disney. They took it for granted. Funny in 2002 while this git was goofing off, I was almost homeless living on nothing, borrowing money from people and hadn't worked in over a year. Back then 2D artists were tossed out and the 3D guys were offered big salaries and sadly.. they took advantage!

    Funny though, this post was originally written because someone I know who has steady work, good salary, complains almost daily about having job, and she leaves early all the time and every other weekend is a three day one.. it is amazing to me how spoiled some people are. Meanwhile I am working 7 days a week in animation, doing freelance so I never know when it is going to end, and I don't complain...just sayin'