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Ryan Murphy is My New Hero!


OMG! So if you haven't watched the Glee Project this season I will just say that you missed out on real life fairy tales for some amazing kids.

Ryan Murphy is one of the creators of Glee-the amazing show on Fox about geeky, now Gleeky, kids in high school standing up for themselves and being who they really are in the face of adversity and slushies!

If you don't watch it, then you are missing out.

Anyone who knows me knows that it takes a lot to make me cry, I'm just not that girl, but Glee constantly brings me to tears-CONSTANTLY.

The very first episode when those kids sang Don't Stop Believing I was bawling like a baby.

I never had the courage to be myself and being popular was everything to me. I was too embarrassed to be who I wanted to be and I did everything not to be a geek, including dropping out of band and drama-my two favorite things in the world.
I was NEVER strong enough to stand up for myself and being liked was everything, which is beyond stupid, but high school is hard.

So when Glee aired a couple years ago it hit me on a personal level because I wish I had had the courage that these characters do on the show. I have so many close friends now who tell me that they weren't popular in school and they were loners, and or they didn't have many friends, and I know it's because most of my friends are artists like I am. I didn't have the guts that my friends did and I do regret it, but regret is stupid-I can't change how I acted, it is what it is.

Many of you know that I had another blog for a little over a year called, RYAN MURPHY HIRE ME because the rumor around town-Hollywood-was that he was going to bring on a couple writers. I did submit and my then agent did make sure my stuff got there. I wanted to write for Glee because it's personal to me. I know that I can write to that show because of my life in the industry, my life as the popular girl who turned her back on everything she believed in to be that way and because I am the girl who never really fit in anywhere. Well it didn't happen and okay, so I moved on.

I believe that Glee is so good because Ryan has finally hit the "truth", his truth and his pain, hurt and life story are all wrapped up in Glee. It's real. I have seen him at many panels and when asked about why he writes the Kurt stuff the way he does he always says, "that's how I wished it would have been for me." AH! Right in the heart and you can see it in his eyes. For me this is so apparent in the show.

Enter the Glee Project-a talent competition looking for someone to guest for 7 episodes season 3.

This summer I was so inspired and started writing an episode for Damian McGinty because I knew he was right for the show and if Ryan didn't see what I saw I was going to do whatever it took to get that script to him because as arrogant as that sounds it isn't. It was so clear in my head-the story-and I didn't have a choice-I was compelled to write! AND yay!! Damian is one of the main winners.

Which brings me to why I am writing this blog and not my novel-Ryan did thee most amazing thing tonight. There were 4 finalists. Damian, Sam, Alex and Lindsay. The winners were Damian and Sam and then he offered Alex and Lindsay smaller parts-2 episodes each-on Glee. All four of them won!

It's beyond gracious that Ryan did that for these kids. He truly changed the lives of 4 people and he doesn't even know it, but I am sure he has affected many with this amazing thing, I know I am inspired and feeling better about the world tonight.

If you haven't watched Glee or the Glee Project-now is the time to start.


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