Monday, December 26, 2011

Why Does FB Create Road Rage Behavior?

For the most part I love FB, I love how it has kept so many of us in touch, but just like any place in life-some people ruin it for others. This week I have been slammed for being super entitled and rich-HA!!! That was the biggest laugh I got-the truth is so completely the 100% opposite-then I was slammed for writing comedy because it means I don't care about the world and then I was just bitched out for being a writer and posting about it IE: "I'm working on the show today" etc. Type posts.

Honestly folks-really? Why does FB create a sort of road rage?

I don't understand this childish behavior. I really don't. People get on FB and rant all day long about politics, or whatever then they get upset at anyone who even remotely challenges their beliefs. It doesn't make sense to me. Why not start a blog?

I'm just sayin'

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