Sunday, July 29, 2012

Americano? YUM

So I ran out of coffee about three days ago and have been so busy with this latest project that I haven't had time to leave the house and get more, I have been living on Yerba mate, but it's not the same.

I was scrounging in my apt and found a last Tassimo espresso disk, but I have no milk disks left for lattes or cappuccinos. What is a girl in need of a fix to do? Remembering that in places like Italy they think we are insane over here with "coffee"-they don't seem to understand it's a different bean-I remembered the "Americano" and thought to myself if I just filled the cup with hot water, I would have sort of a coffee.
Oh before I go on, I have to tall you, I was out of milk, so I only have non dairy dry creamer, which does NOT work in espresso, only coffee.
I did it!! And it was soooo YUMMY. I am excited that A) I got the coffee I needed and B) now I have a new drink.

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