Sunday, July 8, 2012

Fake Meat? I Don't Get It!

I don't really understand fake meat, fake cheese, gluten free bread etc.-if you don't want to eat that stuff-don't, it's really simple-but swapping natural things for processed because it's "something free" doesn't make a whole lot of sense now doe it?

You hear people all the time saying things like, "I have been vegan and healthy my whole life, I have no idea how I got cancer, I mean, all I eat is fake meat, fake cheese, and low fat processed shit all the time." I mean, honestly, it's like the whole world has gone crazy.

When I am vegetarian, I don't eat meat-PERIOD-I don't have fake meat, I don't eat meat. I eat veggies, it's that simple.

I don't understand this obsession with low fat everything either, I mean, how does it become low fat? PROCESSING. How can that possibly be good for you? Soy milk? How is soy a milk? PROCESSING. Use your brain a little bit. Is it worth it to save 30-60 calories? Another way you could save those is, um, here's a thought-consume LESS, or walk more. It's not brain surgery here.

And what is the deal with gluten free? Is all of American suddenly allergic to gluten? Did we all get sick all at once? Come on! People, just because it's trendy doesn't mean it's healthy.

I personally don't eat a lot of gluten because I just don't like bread that much, pizza and stuff like that. For the record, I am not afraid of carbs, I just like veggies and salads more.

I don't mean to make anyone feel bad by writing this blog, but honestly just sit and think for a minute, how is eating processed fake meat and processed bread and processed non dairy mile healthier than just eating fresh veggies and skipping the meat and dairy?

I'm just sayin' folks-use your brain. Eat less, exercise more. Eat fresh and you'll be grand.

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