Sunday, November 4, 2012

Seriously! RIP A Fellow Writer

I woke up today ready to dive into a new chapter of the year falling back into the proper standard time Starbucks in hand and then WHAM! I log into FB and see that my friend Laurie has died. ALL day I have been in a state of shock, anger, WHAT THE FUCK?, sadness, grief, disbelief and then all over. What happened? Why? Why? I want to know why? How did this happen? She died from Cervical cancer. WHAT? In 2012? WHAT? How? Laurie!!!!!!! Didn't you get check ups? How could this happen? I didn't talk to her every day, but we were good friends and we did talk a lot about writing. We met in 2009 at the Santa Monica Write On Online group and became instant friends. She was great, full of life, and I am just so upset about this. I know her closer friends and family are even more devastated than I am, but it's just so awful. My father died in June, so I have been terrible about keeping up with everyone on FB, but I remember her posting something about her stomach not feeling right this summer, is that how she found out? I don't understand. Sucks being healthy and watching so many people die and excuse me, I am not even old yet. Is life supposed to be like this? So what do I do? Never become close to anyone so I don't have to be smashed down when they die? Of course not,  but seriously? I have lost several friends in the past few years, and lots of family, and I just feel like I can't take anymore loss-it's so hard to say goodbye. That said, this isn't about me, it's about Laurie and I am so saddened, and in shock. I hope that she knows how loved she was and I hope that her family knows how loved she was and I hope she is happy wherever she is. Rest in peace my dear friend.

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