Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Presidential Election CLASS-Have We None?

Whatever happened to fair dealingAnd pure ethicsAnd nice manners?Why is it everyone now is a pain in the Ass?Whatever happened to class?Class.Whatever happened to Please may IAnd Yes thank youAnd How charming?Now every son of a bitchIs a snake in the grassWhatever happened to class?
~ Chicago the musical.
Okay folks, so earlier this morning I was 100% convinced that Obama was going to win and I ignored the internet, but then people starting talking about it and I looked and was beyond shocked that Mitt was winning-What the F? Seriously? How could this be happening, my life was flashing before my eyes as the worse thing in history was about to happen? A tad dramatic? Yeah, a bit, but I am a writer. 
That said, I was worried, but I had a talk with someone who actually is smart and has a brain and isn't a jerk and this person actually made me see that it would be okay, the world would go on and to be fair, my life probably wouldn't change that much. This person was right and I knew it, but I was still nervous, so nervous that I didn't even tune into the election until a friend on FB said OBAMA won. Now I am beyond happy, it was like the minute I let go, things went my way.
Well folks, 50% of the country isn't happy and they are worried. That's not good. These are our people and it's not right to shove this in their faces because it could have easily been us. This person who I spoke to today said, "that's how the other side felt last time." When I said, "I'm so worried if Mitt wins." Very smart and 100% correct. 
So while I am so excited, I don't think it's right to be mean and nasty to the Republicans who lost tonight because they aren't happy and it's never right to rub someone's nose in it. How about instead about being awful, you say, "It's going to be okay because...." and show them why you cast your vote today? Just a thought. Yes Mitt hasn't conceded, so what? I mean, he lost, it is what it is and he lost, so by making your right friends feel bad is helping how, exactly?
It's not. Show our president that you respect him by not sinking to anyone's level and be the person you want him to be and have some class-for fuck sake! (Couldn't resist that last bit-you get the joke right? Haha)

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