Saturday, March 30, 2013

Food Fads-Annoying

Sorry to all the folks afraid to eat bread, but this new gluten free rage is a bit crazy. I mean, honestly, does more than half the population have Celiac disease? Give me a friggen' break. It's getting so ridiculous. It's like when people say, "I lost a ton of weight when I stopped eating meat." It has nothing to do with the meat, it has to do with the fact that you were eating a steak with mashed potatoes, and heavy stuff, then all of a sudden you switched to salad and you blame meat?

In the 90s the big fad was to shovel down all the carbs you could because they were low fat and everyone was "losing weight". I mean honestly.

The way to lose weight is to simply, eat less and work out more. Have a diet mostly of plant based foods etc. The Mediterranean diet is one of the most healthy on the planet and guess what? They eat carbs-bread-gluten.

I gave up gluten for a month-felt NO DIFFERENT.
I gave up sugar for two months-felt NO DIFFERENT.
I have given up meat and dairy-FELT NO DIFFERENT.
I have done those cleanses, not the crazy ass only drink maple syrup and lemons etc, but the real ones, cut all all the "bad" stuff for a month and guess what I FELT NO DIFFERENT.

You know why? Because I eat healthy all of the time and balanced. People who never eat veggies, but pig out on bread will lose weight when they cut bread out and feel better not because of the bread because of the fact they are now eating veggies.

UGH. I mean, please if you think you really have a problem, go see a doctor, you might but otherwise, please shut up.

Some of the diets in the early 2000s were all about only eat meat and some greens, no fruit and no carrots, no corn, etc.. I mean, how healthy can a diet be that is all protein and no fruit?

So next time your friends are all over social media talking about how evil gluten is. take a deep breath and use your brain for a moment, because the Italians are living a long as time and they aren't afraid of gluten. This fad will pass too, I promise.

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