Monday, March 3, 2014


Hi everyone, so I posted another video, are you getting sick of these yet? LOL So here is the thing. I LOVE B School, totally worth the money-that I don't have YET..I am waiting to hear if I got one of two Shopify scholarships, meanwhile I am still raising funds via Fundly and I have almost enough for the first month's payment. I am also selling prints etc... and my birthday is in two days.. so happy to take birthday donations as well.
I have had a hard Feb dealing with this one client. She is older, quite a bit and I thought that we were going to have a great relationship well, she is talking to her friends and their friends and clients etc. and they have no idea about children's book illustration so now I am going through the trying to get my money, even though we had a contract-to which she is now in breach. I haven't delivered the final files and won't until the check is here and cashed, but it's just a pain.
I believe that when I start selling more art via online and maybe someday open my own stop or studio, ala Lisa Frank and take over the world...muha ha ha .. *insert maniacal laugh* then I won't have to worry when clients are difficult. It's a shame that some people have to act like this, but it is what it is---that has become my favorite thing to say lately, but it is.
Anyhow, hope you enjoy this short video!! See my early blogs for how to donate and thanks for all the support!

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