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It's Okay If You Aren't Perfect

My personal belief is that if someone is having a hard time and they have the courage enough to express that, one should always be accepting, encouraging and uplifting to that person. Positive action instead of negative.  I love that so many people have messaged me in the last couple of months saying that I have inspired them in some way, my drawings or my messages of support etc. It really means more than I can say. 

I recently joined a right brainer business group with the idea of working in an uplifting positive group. I was very active in the FB group and I posted a lot of inspirational and positive posts. I also posted what everyone in these type of classes or B School calls "wins" that is when you have a success. It could be anything from new subscribers to getting a new job. 

Well I also have been out of work for a couple of months-well not out of work, but things have been slow, so money has been tight. That is a fact. I am not being negative or coming from a place of scarcity, it is what it is. I don't dwell on it, I don't repeat it as a mantra-in fact I do a lot of great money mantras and I am convinced this is why things always work out.

Two weeks ago I ran out of money. Completely, 100% empty so I commented in this group about it, but I followed with "the life of an artiste and things always get better and this is why I am here". Well last week someone saw that comment and decided to call me out and post about me in a very humiliating way. She had it all wrong. I am not a negative person, in fact people had messaged me saying I inspired them because even though things were tough financially, I joined this business group and I was taking action to change that. (People always say that to me.)
The truth is that I had a couple of bad days and I was honest about it with a SAFE group-or what I thought was a safe group of artists in a business type class to learn. I shared because I was told it was okay to be honest. I guess I was wrong. I love getting feedback, but an unsolicited post that was damaging to me and my business? No that isn't cool and it's not feedback. 

*WTF? Did all my positive posts go missing?

So anyhow, I asked her to remove it, she did we talked it's all cool. I didn't want anyone in the group to think that I am negative and also I have been inspiring people in that group so I was worried that it might bring them down. Well the person who runs this class and this FB group has since told me that I was ruining the group. That I am not allowed to move further in the program am basically no longer welcome. I was planning my whole fall around this next program. I was excited about taking action, but I guess since I admitted that I am skint from time to time, I am not welcomed anymore. It's a real shame. I am also no longer in the FB group I mentioned above.

*I paid to be in this group* I just have to point this out.

I asked her about it and she just said she doesn't want my scarcity and negativity bringing the whole group down. Another wtf moment? All over the FB page people are always saying how I make them smile and inspire them. 

Is it negative to admit when you need help?


Is it negative to state your situation and then say that it's okay because it will work out? 


This whole thing upsets me and I just want to say to anyone like me who may feel like things are bad right now.

1) You need support so please don't be afraid to talk about it.
2) Things always get better 
and 3) Find a group that allows you to be you.. not a phoney always happy version of yourself. 


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