Friday, March 27, 2015

Don't Blame Lufthansa

  • This plane crash thing is just a nightmare-but I am seeing a lot of posts on social media to boycott Lufthansa/Germanwings-I disagree-the guy clearly hid his illness. I understand that people are angry, but Lufthansa is historically a great airline. The whole situation is just tragic. My Westie Finnegan and I flew Lufthansa back from Denmark. We flew KLM over-they are both great for that as well as Air New Zealand to Sydney. KLM actually flies horses a lot and Finn was on the same level as we were in the back.  But I feel terrible for Lufthansa and everyone involved. I understand the rage, but I think boycotting is not the way to go. It could happen anywhere. I think changing the way of only having one person in the cockpit is the next step for all airlines. Yesterday people were posting saying that in the US all airlines do this, but it's not true, on the short hops (like this flight was) sometimes one person is left up there. That said, I am sure the FAA will make more changes. Maybe because my father worked for the airlines for a long time-I come from an airline family in a way-I can see the other side of this nightmare. It's so easy to blame the airline for the actions of one person. Flying is still safe. I saw yesterday a report saying that more than 150 people have died in the world in car accidents since this plane crash and yet people still get into their cars everyday, text, etc without giving it a second thought.

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  1. KLM flew me...and my 6 dogs and 3 cats at the Anchorage from KC, MO when I PCSd. They were amazing. Every time there was a transfer, they handed me the tracking sheet from each crate. At one point, they had some confusion about one of my cat's crates...and held the plane until it was sorted out. The crate/kitty were where they were supposed to be, but someone forgot to pull the tracking tag.