Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Will Terry on Doing Test (FREE) Illustrations for Jobs


I am posting this video today because I really like what my colleague-Will Terry has to say.
Some artists get really upset with this kind of thing, but it's part of being an artist.
In animation and illustration it is common and for the most part I don't mind doing a test image.
Sometimes companies, or people will pay for the test and sometimes they don't. It really depends, so before you decide to do it, you really have to ask yourself a few questions.

1. Do I have time to do a professional test?
2. Is this job worth it for me?
3. What is the likelihood that I will get the job?

The last one is because sometimes in animation, the studios will give 100+ people the same test and then it really is just a Craps shoot on whether you will get the job or not. Usually, these days, I stay away from those. I used to do them, but one animation studio-who I won't say which-I passed the same test 9 times, yup NINE and they never hired me, so I was wasting a week (40 hours) each time I did it.

I think as artists we really have to know our own time, strengths and whether it is worth it.

Have a great day making art everyone and you can find Will via this video or here.

and here


Here are some of my test images that I have done for some jobs


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