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Where Has Customer Service Gone? Taos Footwear is Horrible

AVOID TAOS FOOTWEAR unless you want to be treated like shit.
Usually I like to take the high road and let things go, but after thinking about this for the last 24 hours, I'm afraid to say that I can't not tell what happened when I returned a pair of shoes that didn't fit me to Taos footwear.

First of all, I love their shoes. I ordered four pairs at $100 or more in less than a month, but they don't care about that, they just needed to be right and right meant downright abusive and awful to a paying customer.

Beginning of June, I order a pair of Taos shoes and love them.
End of June, I order a second pair, the Hey Jute because they were on sale for only $100 instead of $130.

The canvas is super tight so I call them up and speak to a woman, Lisa I believe is her name, she was amazing BTW, she is the only one who is decent at this company-or at least who I have talked to. 
She said if they were hurting my feet to return them, but they didn't pay for shipping. I wasn't happy about that as most places cover shipping back. I wore them around the house for 20 minutes realizing that they killed my feet and there would be no breaking them in. 

So I emailed them giving feedback on the canvas suggesting that they describe them as tight so people know. 
I got a nasty reply from a man called Robert who works in marketing telling me that they don't take returns and ALL SHOE COMPANIES are the same. He said they would NOT return the shoes. 

I had a return slip in the box and Lisa said I could and on the website, it said that I could ***(pasted at the end of this) so I sent him all that info, he maintained that they had a no return policy. I returned them anyhow. I used tracking and sent them off early on a Saturday being told that they would definitely be there Monday, July 3rd.

Then he told me in an email to not buy from them but to find their shoes 3rd party if I didn't like their policy. UGH what a douche. Sidenote, this guy is the head of marketing, so why is he answering customer service emails? He shouldn't be.

I LOVE their shoes or I would have been done with them at this point. So I ordered a pair from Amazon of a different style that I love. I posted them on Twitter, Instagram and FB tagging them as amazing shoes---in other words, PROMOTING them.

On July 5th I checked the status of the shipment and it said it was delivered on Monday, July 3rd. I emailed them politely asking when to expect a refund.

Robert emailed me straight away saying they never received them. I explained that I had tracking and sent it to him explaining that they arrived on the 3rd and I just wanted to know when about to expect a refund and could I get an email that they had the return and my refund would be on its way.

Well, that's when he FREAKED out on me saying that they don't give refunds, they didn't get it. etc. And I got about 12 emails from different email address, from him from the main customer service email AND UPS, yes every single email was sent back to me from UPS Quantum something, it was very confusing. I was polite and replied to all-not knowing what else to do and then I got replies saying that my email was blocked. WTF???

Then one of the owners emailed me saying that his family had the 4th off but since I was in dire straights over the refund they would refund me immediately.

Again WFT??? I never said I was in dire straights? I wasn't demanding or anything I simply wanted to know when to expect it. As well yelling at me for emailing on July 5th because he gave his employees the 4th off is over the top, but whatever.


I thanked him and that was that. Later that day I got an email with a $15 code.

Hello Stephanie Olivieri, 

We wanted to reach out and thank you for your support towards Taos Footwear. The one time use coupon code below is for $15 off your next purchase at 

Coupon Code: TAOS38276 

We hope that you will try us out again in the future. 


Team Taos

Yesterday I ordered a new pair with that coupon code they offered me. The important part THEY OFFERED ME so I would come back I assumed.

The code didn't work. I emailed them and said, I just ordered, this code you sent me didn't come off, here's the order number, will you please take the $15 off my order. Thank you.

I got a reply back from Robert saying

"She's back."


First of all, I only asked for a refund by their policy because shoes didn't fit. I only replied to all his emails since he sent tons of them and it was confusing on which email to reply to since I was getting blocked and I had no idea which one would go through.

I called them and it went to voice mail. Then I called back and my number was blocked. I emailed them from my other email and it was blocked just like the original email.

So I called from my mobile and talked to Lisa again. I was crying at this point. She kept apologizing saying that they never treat people like that and Robert would be talked to and please hold for her supervisor, who I think was one of the owners. When he got on the phone he started YELLING at me and I was crying. He said it was an internal email warning them that I was back and I wasn't supposed to see it. I asked him what and why? He said because of my emails asking for a refund. He kept yelling at me about how they were closed for 5 days and I was out of line to ask when. I explained that I didn't care when I got it, but I just wanted some receipt or email saying that they received the shoes and that I would be getting a refund, which they never sent me.

Then he told me that "this isn't going to work" and "we don't want you as a customer". I said, "you sent me the coupon!" He said, "we didn't think you'd use it." 

That's why the code didn't work.
Then he continued to tell me that I'm a horrible person and finally he hung up on me after screaming at me for 10 minutes.

Now I'm out $130.. they have canceled my online account. They blocked me from both FB and Twitter and I don't have the shoes.

So while I LOVE their shoes and own three pairs of them, I will NEVER buy Taos again and really am disgusted by the behavior as nothing like this has ever happened to me or anyone in real life. Clearly, they don't care about customers and are personally offended if you return their shoes.

SIGH.. sucks, big time. See their return policy below. I followed it. All I did was ask about it since I didn't receive an email. To recap, when I did, Robert said they never got the shoes--until I provided a tracking # then he got shitty and sent me tons of emails, when I replied I got blocked.
I did finally get a refund on that after the owner freaked out-----usually returns take 7-10 days, sometimes a month.
All I did was ask.. they could have easily said, "we received them on the 3rd, we'll process today or tomorrow and your refund will be there in a week," or "we received them on the 3rd, we will process in the next 7 days and send you an email when it's done." But they had to make it personal attacking me and talking about so-called family values letting their employees have the 4th off---and I found out yesterday they were closed the entire weekend---which again was fine I was in no hurry for the refund, I was simply confirming they got the shoes and I asked when it would be back.

No Free Returns

Taos is proud to offer free shipping on all orders when getting your footwear to you, however, we don't provide labels or pay return shipping.

Return Instructions

Please feel free to return your order to the address below. Kindly ensure that the shipment is able to be tracked through your chosen carrier. Include the original packing slip inside the box you ship back to us, otherwise please reference your order number on the outside of the box or in the contents of the package.
Mail returns to:

Once we receive your return at our warehouse, please allow 7 business days for your credit to be processed. Refunds are only given for unworn products in salable condition and in their original packaging within 30 days from the purchase date. Returns missing original packaging are subject to a 10% restocking fee. Please note the original shipping cost is not refunded when applicable. If footwear is deemed as worn and unsalable, you’re responsible for shipping costs to get the footwear returned to you. If you're unsure if your footwear meets unworn and salable condition, please feel free to send us pictures of your footwear before shipping them back to us. We will notify you via email when your return has been credited.
Please call a customer service associate toll free at 1.844.363.TAOS(8267) or email if you have any questions.


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