Friday, July 10, 2009

Writing Job Opps Gone To Pot

So, I have been swamped with animation work of late, and that is why I haven't had much time for writing in my blog. Tonight I was scanning some job sites for writing jobs and I shit you not, this is what I saw..

"if interested, tell me about you as a person and as a writer, anything else you can send me. Please don't send writing samples. Just want to work with somebody who is smart, has an enthusiasm for grownup comedy, understands dramatic narrative structure, and wants to spend a few days helping and learning. (Also, somebody who doesn't freak out at the potential smell of 420 would be helpful, but not mandatory. This is why we have the candy here.) "

So tell this to me like I'm a 6 year old? No writing samples and doesn't mind the smell of pot; we have a lot of candy?

Yes this is a real ad.


  1. Yeah, uh, I liked to get baked and write mature, this keyboard is really tactile...uh, do you wanna go hit Jack In The Box?

  2. Nice!!! Double bacon cheeseburgers and vanilla shakes were the best in HS after some "baking" was done...LOL

  3. I just had the chicken fajita pita and a strawberry banana smoothie this morning, I love Jack In The Box...even though half of the food has become nearly inedible.