Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Amazing What Some People Will Do

I find it amazing that people have no problems absolutely lying outright about work they have done. I find it more amazing that these same people then post their work on a public website.

It is one thing to finesse a resume. Example: a maid could say she is really a household technician, or a nanny could say they are an executive childcare facilitator, and even the old secretary is now an executive assistant. To out right lie just always amazes me and then to take work that others have done and post on a website and claim it as their own..wow!

I just saw something that I am still shaking my head it and if any of the work was mine, this person would be looking at the business end of a lawsuit.

Fair enough, once a friend of mine took a chapter out of one of my novels, changed all the names and published it as a short on a public website, so I sent the creator of the website my novel with a post it on the chapter and a note saying to read closely and of course the publishing date being 2 years prior to the short was proof that my "friend" did in fact plagiarize my work..

People people people, the world is pretty small...tisk tisk..

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