Friday, July 24, 2009

Stealing Me Softly

I just found out that this "snake in the grass/Darth Vader incarnate" EX friend of mine has taken ANOTHER one of my story ideas and passed it off as her own. (That is 3 now that I know of)

A few years ago we were great friends, but she just never ceases to surprise me. Soon she will run out of people to steal from and have to stand on her own and she will fall. I believe in Karma and that the truth always comes out.
To this person I say this:

A) Putting a Copywrite 2009 next to something you have stolen does NOT make it yours!
B) Taking a chapter from a book that has already been published changing the names and submitting it as an "original" story, makes you STUPID.
C) Using your friends to steal their creatively, makes you a BAD PERSON.
D) (This is obvious) Lying, stealing, cheating, backstabbing and trying to take work (money/food off table) from your close friends just shows complete LACK OF CHARACTER.
E) Taking other people's drawings/sketches, or doodles from the internet, emails, myspace or facebook and then putting it into Photoshop and negotiating it around is still STEALING!

I don't wish this person any harm, but more like, feel really sorry for her.

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