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iPad is a Computer! Nook is a Reader!

Okay I am probably going to get a slue of nasty emails from the Apple addicts out there, but facts are facts. While the iPad may be a great computer for travel, it is still that, a computer! NOT a reader.

I have no issue with Apple and think if I traveled a lot for work, I would definitely have an iPad, but I already have a Macbook, so what in the world would posses me to get another computer? Mine is small and not much bigger than the iPad and has the added bonus of having a top-hence the word-laptop-and so it is protected. Yes an iPad would be easier at the airport. Okay, I get it.

But for a reader? It is NOT a reader. Yes it does have a reader function available, but it is not a reader. It is still a computer with a back light. Here is what was said about it in PC World:

"iPad as E-Reader: Glaring Problems, Promising Apps

With its reflective display and heavy chassis, the iPad is far from ideal for serious reading:

"The iPad's free iBooks and the Kindle App downloads offer some compelling options for e-book enjoyment, to be sure. But the device's horrifically glare-prone screen and weighty industrial design serve to underscore the benefits of dedicated E-Ink devices.

Oww, My Eyes!

Since picking up my Amazon Kindle a couple of years ago, I've longed for a color e-reader that could do justice to photos, charts, and illustrations. And as expected, the iPad's 9.7-inch IPS LED display doesn't disappoint on that front. Color imagery looks beautiful on the page. Unfortunately, the touch screen is so highly reflective that it kicks up a vicious glare in a well-lit room, and practically doubles as a mirror in full sunlight. As much as I love gazing at my own handsome mug, I'm quite sure I didn't need to spend $499 for the privilege. In low light, on the other hand, the iPad screen looks gorgeous, offering a clear, backlit view of the page that's easy on the eyes from a wide range of angles."

Low light, back light-still a computer folks. Say what you want but this device is a computer and a big one at that.

Last weekend I went and bought a Nook from Barnes & Noble because I wanted something small, affordable, easy to use and basically so I didn't have to carry around two books at all times in my bag/purse.

Yes I am one of those people that always has to have a book with me, but I am usually not sure what mood I will be in. Sometimes I want a classic and sometimes I want pure fun chick-lit. Sometimes Robert Ludlum is the way to go, or a good lawyer story, or just a sappy-Oprah Book Club book. The Nook was invented for people like me! I already have over 20 titles.

Here is another factor in why I chose the Nook over the iPad and the Kindle-the size, look how small it is? It fits in 90% of my purses. The iPad would not.

I keep getting Apple crazies (sorry, I love Macs, but you know who you are) that keep posting on my pages:

"You should have gotten an iPad"

Yet, they can't give me ONE reason why. It is like people that like Sarah Palin or Avatar-they are all upset and telling me that I should agree, but can't give even a single reason why. But I digress.

Someone even said, "Why have a reader, when you can have so much more?" Because I only wanted a reader. I already have two computers and a phone that does everything, do I really need another one? And to be fair to the Nook-web browsing is available and while it may not have all the fancy Mac apps that iPad has, I don't need it to. To me that is like telling someone who just bought a Harley or Honda motorcycle- "You should have bought an airplane-why have a bike and be stuck on the road when you could fly and have so much more?" Really people?

It is so annoying that some Apple people just follow everything Steve Jobs does without any research and make stupid comments and then they can't even back them up.

The Nook is $259 + the warranty $69, is 5 x 7, no back light, 1500 titles to choose from (and you can load your own eBooks onto it, and SCRIPTS as well (PDF), free wireless, free Fridays, free reading in Barnes & Noble.

The iPad starts at $499, is what 9.5 x 11? Something gigantic like that, the warranty is over $100, it has a back light and a glare-why? Because it is a computer!

I am just sayin'! If you want a great and affordable reader-the Nook is the way to go.

This was posted by a girl on the Nook FB page to another girl asking what is better Nook, Kindle or iPad:

"I have a friend that has both iPad & kindle, says iPad is nice but it's just a giant iTouch, his kindle is easier on his eyes, reading on iPad no different than reading on a computer. Also says it's too heavy for long periods of time reading. iPad isn't really a comparison to eReaders. The better comparison would be nook to kindle and iPad to netbook or laptop. "

*I chose Nook over Kindle for size and price, but the Kindle would be my next choice for a reader over iPad*


  1. Stephanie, Loved the posting along with some of your others. LOL'd at the Sister Sarah comment. Keep up the good work. I followed you, and am going to subscribe.


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