Wednesday, May 5, 2010

No Better Than the Nazis!

Why do we kill spider? Because we are afraid. We are afraid of spider because of the way spider looks. Spider has never done anything to us personally, and usually spider minds his, or her own business; and yet we want all spiders gone! We want to kill spider and we don't ever want to see spider again.

We justify this brutal murder with the, "but I am afraid of spiders" so it is okay to kill them.

Hrm? 70 years ago the Germans were afraid of the Jews and didn't like they way they looked. They referred to them as ugly, worthless, rats or insects to be squashed.

So what makes what we do any better?

Poor spider just living his/her life and one day here comes man and man decides that he doesn't like spider so he kills him and all of spider's friends too.

We need to take a step back and learn from our past, killing someone because they are different is wrong. We visit Holocaust museums and weep when Shindler's List is on, but yet we are no better.
Next time you see spider and think about killing him, ask yourself, are you any better than a Nazi?

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