Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Books? or Shoes?

Who says that smart girls can't love shoes as well? You know the stereotype we all have about girls that read? They can't be too concerned with looks as they always have their heads in a book! This is so not true!

I love to read. In fact I hardly ever leave the house without at least two books in hand. I like to have one classic and one fun, bouncy chick-lit just in case. Sometimes I am in the mood for Ludlum, Clancy or even Stephen King-so I carry books with me. Now since Nook, I always have something to read without the bulk of books in my bag, but that doesn't mean my wardrobe is suffering. In fact, it means I can carry smaller, cuter purses and bags! (I think B&N should know they are helping us fashionista readers look better.)
I love shoes. I do. I am not sure when the addiction began, but I love them. Nothing makes me feel better than putting on a gorgeous pair of shoes! I can sort of blame Carrie Bradshaw-who is a fictional character from Candice Bushnell's novel turned super-mega-TV & Film sensation-Sex & the City. Or maybe it is just my own good taste that drives me to buy, but I love shoes.

I think I spend about the same on books as I do shoes and probably should buy stock in Barnes & Noble, because let's face it, I keep that place in business!

In any case, I am just saying-us smart girls who love to get lost in a book are also fabulous fashion divas on the side!


  1. I have a button on my messenger bag that says, Reading is Sexy. I get a lot of comments on that. ;] And one day I may actually buy B&N stock.